10 Best Plants for Window Boxes

Best Plants for Window Boxes

Welcome to the world of vibrant window boxes, a delightful addition to any home that brings a burst of life right to your window sills! If you are gazing out of a kitchen window or a bedroom perch, a well-planted window box can transform a plain ledge into a cascade of color and textures.

Window boxes are not just about the aesthetics; they’re also about creating a mini-garden experience right outside your window. From pink flowers that add a soft touch to edible growth that can spice up your cooking, the possibilities are endless.

Window Box Success Tips

We’ll explore how to maximize your window box size, manage sun exposure, and select the best potting soil to ensure your tiny garden thrives. Your window box basks in the full sun or enjoys only the initial sunny time, you’re set to grow plants that will make your neighbors green with envy.

Best Plants for Window Boxes

1. Petunias

planter box plants

Petunias are the show-stoppers of window box flowers, offering a riot of color throughout the summer. These hardy flowering plants are perfect for window boxes filled to the brim with vibrant hues. They thrive in full sun, ensuring a dazzling display that can withstand the heat. Choosing cascading varieties for a dramatic spill over the edge of your box? They are sure to impress.

These flowers are not only about their looks; they are also wonderfully low maintenance. They need regular watering to keep them looking fresh but be wary of root rot by ensuring good drainage. With a mix of sun visibility and careful watering, your window box filled with them will bloom splendidly, drawing the eye and sparking conversations.

Care Tip: Use a balanced fertilizer to help it grow

2. Geraniums

full sun window box plants

Geraniums are another top choice for adding robust color to window boxes. Known for their durability and long blooming period, geraniums thrive in full sun and can cope with the occasional dry spell. Their foliage in green contrasts beautifully with the bursts of color they provide, making them ideal for a lively window box display.

Whether you opt for the zonal types with their distinct leaf patterns or the trailing varieties that add depth and volume to your window box, geraniums are versatile and vibrant. They are particularly effective in hanging baskets too, so you can complement your window box display with additional geranium-filled containers for a cohesive look around your home.

Care Tip: Give them 4 to 8 hours of direct sunlight

3. Busy Lizzie

plants for flower boxes

Busy Lizzie, with its bright and cheerful appearance, excels in window boxes that receive partial shade. This makes them ideal for locations that get filtered sunlight or just a few hours of direct sun in the morning. Their ability to add a splash of color even in less sunny spots makes them invaluable in any gardener’s plant palette.

They are not just about the visual appeal; these plants are also known for their resilience and can bounce back quickly if cared for properly. Regular watering and a watchful eye for signs of stress will keep them thriving.

Care Tip: Maintain consistently moist soil

4. Fuchsia

best window box plants

Fuchsia is perfect for creating a hanging garden look in your window box. Their unique, teardrop-shaped flowers hang beautifully, making them excellent plants for an elegant display. They prefer a cooler spot with partial shade, away from the intense midday sun, which makes them suitable for window boxes on the side of your house that doesn’t get full sun.

Caring for them involves keeping them moist without overwatering, as their delicate stems and leaves can suffer from root rot if the soil stays too wet. With the right balance, your low-maintenance fuchsia-filled window box can be a breathtaking feature that adds a touch of sophistication to your home exterior.

Care Tip: Grow in a pots with drainage holes

5. Dwarf Rosemary

perennials for window boxes

Dwarf rosemary is an excellent choice for those who love both ornamental and edible plants. Its aromatic leaves can be used fresh or dried, adding a touch of culinary delight right from your window box. Ideal for sunny locations, dwarf rosemary thrives in well-draining soil, making it a great companion to other Mediterranean herbs or drought-tolerant plants.

This hardy herb not only brings foliage to your window box but also attracts pollinators with its delicate flowers. Plant it in a window box of your kitchen to have your fresh herbs within easy reach, making it both a practical and picturesque addition to your culinary endeavors.

Care Tip: Don’t let the roots sit in water for too long.

6. Ivy

low maintenance window box plants

Ivy might be the trailing plant you’re looking for to add some green drapery to your window box. Its ability to grow in bright sun or partial shade makes it extremely adaptable and a perfect background or filler plant in any window box arrangement.

The versatility of ivy extends to its care; it is incredibly forgiving and can thrive with minimal attention, making it ideal for those who might not have a green thumb. Just keep an eye on its growth, as it can sometimes overtake smaller, more delicate plants in the same window box.

Care Tip: Dont water it excessively

7. Begonias

window box flowers

Begonias are a stunning choice for any gardener looking to create a striking window box display. They thrive in partial shade, where their myriad colors and flower forms can truly shine without the stress of direct, scorching sun. From ruffled blooms to sleek, wing-shaped leaves, they offer a variety of textures and hues that can complement any floral arrangement.

Water them carefully to avoid root rot, and you’ll find they are relatively easy to maintain. Their robust nature makes them a favorite among those who desire a spectacular window box but might not have the time for high-maintenance plants.

Care Tip: Give them some shade and a fertilizer

8. Coleus

perennials for window boxes

Coleus is a celebration of color, even without blooms. Its vibrantly colored leaves range from deep burgundy to bright neon greens, making it a popular choice for those looking to add foliage variety to their window boxes. Coleus thrives in both sun and partial shade, making it versatile enough to fit into any window box scheme.

This plant’s ability to grow quickly and fill space makes it ideal for adding visual interest and depth to your display. Pair coleus with peach flowers or green foliage plants for a striking contrast that’s sure to catch the eye.

Just be sure to keep it well-watered without letting the soil become soggy to maintain its stunning appearance.

Care Tip: Give it enough morning sun and afternoon shade.

9. Pansies

best plants for window boxes all year round

Pansies are the friendly faces of the garden with their distinctive markings and bold colors. They love cooler weather, making them perfect for spring and fall window boxes. These cheerful blooms prefer full to partial sun exposure and can brighten up any window box with their wide range of colors.

Not only do pansies add a pop of color, but they are also incredibly hearty and can withstand frosty temperatures better than many other plants. Their resilience makes them a favorite choice for gardeners who want to maintain a colorful window box year-round.

Care Tip: Regular watering is a must

10. Lobelia

plants for window boxes

Lobelia’s delicate blue flowers offer a cooling contrast to brighter blooms in your window box. This trailing plant is excellent for adding depth and interest to your floral display, particularly in window boxes that get full to partial sun. Lobelia’s cascading habit makes it a natural choice for softening edges and adding a touch of elegance.

While lobelia loves the sun, it does require consistent moisture to keep its tender flowers blooming beautifully. It pairs wonderfully with other sun-loving plants but needs careful watering to prevent drying out. With the right care, lobelia will keep your window box looking lush and vibrant throughout the growing season.

Care Tip: Grow it in sun or partial shade.


Creating the perfect window box is a delightful challenge that blends creativity with gardening know-how. From the lush, trailing ivy to the bright, cheerful pansies, each plant choice brings its own unique flair to the ensemble.

Consider the window box size, the amount of sun exposure, and the specific care needs of each plant to ensure your mini-garden thrives. With these tips and your newfound plant knowledge, your window boxes will transform your home’s exteriors into a vibrant tableau of blooms and foliage.

Happy gardening, and let your window box become a true reflection of your personal style and botanical aspirations!

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