7 Best Plants for Baby Nursery That are Kids Friendly

Welcome to the leafy wonderland of baby’s nurseries, where plants aren’t just decoration—they’re an adventure in green-thumb parenting! Imagine this: a spider plant dangling like a verdant acrobat from a hanging pot, gracefully filtering the air with its dark green leaves while ensuring baby’s room stays free of harmful chemicals.

Indoor plants work their magic as natural air purifiers, soaking up toxins and generously releasing fresh oxygen. This is especially vital for newborns, whose delicate lungs are still growing and need a clean, soothing environment.

Nearby, the cheerful money tree sits, its bright foliage waving in encouragement. The hardy snake plant stands guard, defending the nursery against any unwelcome toxins. And let’s not forget the delightful baby rubber plant, a miniature gem that adds a pop of lush green without a toxic leaf in sight.

With these amazing plants, your baby’s nursery becomes a botanical playground, where nature and nurture meet to create a magical, plant-filled paradise!

Best Plants for Baby Nursery

Here are some amazing plants you can add to your baby nursery:

1. Money Tree

best plants for a baby nursery

The Money Tree is your ticket to a safer, greener nursery! This harmless plant is a natural air purifier that snags pesky indoor pollutants like formaldehyde, kicking those harmful chemicals out of your baby’s environment. With its leafy charm and non-toxic nature, this amazing plant is the ultimate green guardian for kids, pets, and plant lovers alike.

And hey, if you’re unsure whether it’s safe for your little one, rest assured—the Money Tree brings only its air-purifying properties and good vibes to your space.

Easy to care for, this mother plant only needs bright light, good drainage, and a little fertilizer to thrive. It adds an earthy touch to your nursery and purifies the air of volatile organic compounds while you sit back and bask in the fresh, plant-tastic atmosphere. What’s not to love?

Simple Care: Offer indirect light

2. Spider Plant

nursery safe plants

The spider plant is the perfect plant for creating a healthier environment, boasting impressive air purification abilities while being low maintenance and thriving even in low light.

You can safely add it to any empty corner or hanging basket in your baby’s nursery because it’s completely safe for kids and pets. Plus, it doesn’t need direct sunlight or much attention, and with its ability to remove toxins, it’s a real champion for better air quality and a happier home!

Tips for Choosing Plants for the Baby Nursery

Simple Care: Keep the soil slightly moist.

3. Parlor Palm

best plant for baby nursery

The Parlor Palm is a wonderful first plant for babies, with its light, swaying fronds dancing gracefully when your little one touches them, like a leafy mobile.

Find a sunny spot on the windowsill, and this resilient, non-toxic beauty will flourish alongside your baby, reaching impressive heights of up to six feet indoors over the years. As a new parent, you can revel in the joy of watching its leaves fold open to soak up the sunlight, all while boosting the oxygen levels in your baby’s nursery. This charming plant will create a nurturing environment for your growing family!

Simple Care: Avoid placing in direct sunlight

4. Snake Plant

tree for baby nursery

Don’t be fooled by its fierce-sounding name; this houseplant is as easygoing as they come, making it perfect for a nursery! It’s super drought-tolerant, thriving in dry conditions and only needing water when it’s bone-dry. Even in a room with low sunlight, it’ll add lush greenery while filtering out toxins and enhancing the oxygen levels in your child’s space.

With its air-purifying benefits and adaptability, this resilient plant will bring life and vibrancy to your house, keeping the whole family delighted.

Simple Care: Don’t Overwater

5. Ponytail Palm

tree for baby nursery

Despite its name, the ponytail palm isn’t a palm at all but a succulent! This low-maintenance houseplant is a great choice for your baby’s room, as it’s completely non-toxic and safe for both kids and pets. The trunk cleverly stores water, letting it survive dry conditions for weeks without fuss, which is a big benefit for busy parents.

It thrives even with minimal watering and can grow lush foliage in low humidity or near a window. Whether you’re creating an oasis of greenery with orchids or simply want to fill your space with delightful hanging houseplants, this quirky gem is a fantastic option!

Simple Care: Plant in well-drained soil mix

6. Boston Fern

baby nursery plants

The Boston fern is a superstar among indoor plants and a wonderful addition to any baby nursery! Not only does this hanging plant look fabulous in its frilly greenery, but it also purifies the air while raising humidity levels. As a non-toxic plant, it naturally restores moisture to the air, creating a soothing environment for your little one.

Pair it with Christmas cactus or other non-toxic plants to keep your nursery brimming with real plant magic without any worry about toxic plants! Position it where its vibrant foliage can easily be admired, but high enough to keep curious hands away, creating a beautiful yet safe space for your baby.

Simple Care: Keep the compost moist

7. Dracaena

best plants for nursery

With its glossy, deep green leaves, this houseplant adds a stunning finishing touch to any shelf or table in the baby nursery. Not only does it bring a relaxed, tropical vibe to the space, but it’s also an air-purifying hero, ensuring that you and your little one breathe easy.

When choosing a spot for the Dracaena in your baby’s nursery, opt for a place where it will thrive while staying out of the baby’s reach. A sunny windowsill with indirect sunlight is perfect, providing just the right balance of light without scorching its glossy green leaves. Its tall stems bring an elegant touch to the nursery, and its air-purifying properties ensure cleaner, fresher air for your little one.

Simple Care: Direct sunlight can burn


In the delightful world of baby nurseries, these plant buddies are like leafy superheroes, making the space healthier, happier, and bursting with natural charm! Whether they’re dangling from window sills or within a baby’s reach on a cozy shelf, each plant brings its own magic to the nursery.

Imagine the parlor palm swaying gently, the blue echeveria brightening up your window, or the English ivy charming the air with its lush stems—every plant offers benefits that will keep both child and parent smiling. So, go ahead, fill the nursery with this green dream team and give your baby the perfect start in a leafy, lovely sanctuary!

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