8 Best Fertilizers for Bermuda Grass Reviewed in 2024

best bermuda fertilizer

Bermuda grass is among the most popular grass types for lawn beds. It gives a fuller, thicker, and greener grass. Like other lawn grasses, Bermuda grass lawns also requires care and maintenance. For this purpose, you need to add suitable fertilizer for Bermuda grass lawns’ care routine.

Usually, the Bermuda grass grows in southern regions and is among warm season grasses. However, it can grow in other circumstances as well if you add enough of all the nutrients i.e., nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, in form of lawn fertilizer for Bermuda grass. You need to get the best Bermuda grass fertilizer to provide nourishment and deep green color lawn.

Following are the best picks to fertilize Bermuda grass with a detailed buyer’s guide. You can read, interpret and get the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass lawn.

Best Fertilizers for Bermuda Grass

Do not wander around in search of the best fertilizers for Bermuda grass. Here we have a list of the most competent Bermuda grass care product to fertilize Bermuda grass.

1. Scotts Turf Builder Southern Lawn Food

bermuda grass fertilizer

This product has special formula best suited for southern lawns. It has all-in-one particles that make the distribution equal and even in entire lawn. Most importantly, this turf builder is great for the protection against extreme heat and drought tolerant making it ideal to use in the early summer season or warmer regions.

This southern lawn food is the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass as it contains all the NPK elements except little or no phosphorus which means no harm to marine life. In this way, it helps the roots grow and expand the water, and nutrient absorption channel. Therefore, they can withstand heat and manage in scarcity of water.

Key Features

  • Area coverage: 10,000 square feet
  • Time-release: slow release
  • NPK ratio: 32-0-10


  • It is kids and pets safe.
  • It is multi-purpose, as you can use it on all types of grass.
  • It increases the healthy root system.


  • It may not benefit phosphorus-deficient soils.
  • Excessive fertilizing may burn Bermuda grass.

Tester’s Verdict

Our testing team finds this product to be useful for making the Bermuda grass thicker and for a deep green lawn. However, the high levels of nitrogen may be a cause of burnout spots in your lawn. So, it is better to know how much fertilizer you need for fertilizing Bermuda grass.

2. Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

fertilizer for bermuda grass

Milorganite nitrogen fertilizer is an organic formula that does not harm the environment. It is made from recyclable nutrients and manure that reduces the waste material. This organic fertilizer is rich in iron which makes your grass dark green and prevents yellow grass.

There are lesser chances of nutrient washing off, as it turns into organic matter in the soil for elongated feeding. The beneficial properties of this complete lawn food reduce the frequent watering of Bermuda grass. Moreover, there are fewer mowing sessions if you use this lawn fertilizer. Also, the price of this milorganite organic fertilizer is quite reasonable and a layman can afford it.

Key Features

  • Area coverage:25,00 square feet
  • Time-release: slow release
  • NPK ratio:6-4-0


  • It is an eco-friendly product.
  • There are no salts, hence no drying out of grassroots.
  • It is a cost-effective product.


  • Potassium is missing from the NPK unit.
  • It covers only a small area.

Tester’s Verdict

The testers of this lawn food are all praise for the organic nature of the fertilizer which makes it environment friendly. However, the absence of potassium will affect the overall plant health. Plus, it covers a small area so you need to buy more products if your yard is big.

3. Simple Lawn Solutions Grass Fertilizer 6-0-0

bermuda grass fertilizer

As the name says, it is a solution to your lawn problems. This liquid fertilizer is full of micronutrient that nourishes the soil health and enhances the lawn’s ability to grow. It is rich in iron elements which gives a deep green color lawn. Moreover, the nitrogen in it, also makes the Bermuda grass thicker and fuller.

The packaging of this liquid fertilizer makes its application easier. For instance, the attached garden hose end for spraying makes the process hassle-free. Moreover, the quick-release of the liquid fertilizers shows instant results in green grass growth, texture, and color. Thus, simple lawn solutions resolve most of the lawn problems with easy handling.

Key Features

  • Area coverage: 3200 square feet
  • Time release: quick-release
  • NPK ratio: 6-0-0


  • It is easy to use as it comes with an attached garden hose spray.
  • It is suitable for all seasons.
  • It enhances the soil with micronutrients in its formula.


  • Quick-release will make you apply fertilizer frequently.

Tester’s Verdict

The users of this product find it convenient to use while fertilizing the lawn. The nitrogen and iron-rich formula not only makes the Bermuda grass greener and thicker but the micronutrients stabilize the overall health of the soil. However, you might have to do frequent applications due to the quick release formula.

4. Simple Lawn Solutions Maximum Green High Nitrogen

best bermuda fertilizer

This simple lawn solutions product is a modified form with high nitrogen levels. Along with nitrogen, there are sufficient amounts of manganese and iron which altogether make the grass thicker and greener to give a lively look to your lawn.

The dual release formula of simple lawn solutions give an instant grass growth boost with the release of 70% nitrogen while the remaining nitrogen is released in intervals for elongated feed. It makes the best product for nitrogen-deficient grass as the name indicates you will be having a maximum thick green lawn. You can use simple lawn solutions for all types of grasses regardless of growing season and region.

Key Features

  • Area coverage: 32,00 square feet
  • Time-release: quick and slow-release
  • NPK ratio: 28-0-0


  • The quick and slow releases endorse instant and long-lasting effects at the same time.
  • The nitrogen, manganese, and iron elements make the grass greener healthier, and thicker.


  • High nitrogen levels can burn grass on your Bermuda grass lawn if sprayed in excess.

Tester’s Verdict

Overall, the product is good and provides enough nourishment and nutrition to the soil and plants. The dual release helps in the consistency of feeding the soil. However, the only drawback we face is the high levels of nitrogen can harm the grass if used unattended.

5. Safer Brand Lawn Restore Fertilizer

bermuda fertilizer

The safer brand lawn restore fertilizer is as safe as its name because it is manufactured with all the organic and natural resources like manure and fossils. It is a one-pack solution for various problems. Most importantly, it is phosphate-free so you need not fear being a carrier of damage to marine life.

Moreover, the combination of nitrogen and potassium works together to strengthen the roots and shoots. The nitrogen makes sit greener while the potassium makes the roots withstand the heat and droughts. This lawn restore fertilizer revitalizes the soil and treats the thinning grass while promoting the healthier growth of Bermuda grass.

Key Features

  • Area coverage: 5,000 square feet
  • Time-release: slow-release
  • NPK ratio: 9-0-2


  • It is phosphate-free and thus will not cause harm to aquatic life.
  • It does not require prevention after use as it is kids and pet friendly.


  • It has a strong and unpleasant smell.

Tester’s Verdict

The consumers of this lawn restore fertilizer find it useful for their Bermuda grass and witness visible results. The slow-release helps in constant feeding and nourishment. However, the awful smell bothers for some time after application.

 6. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food

best bermuda grass weed and feed

Water-soluble lawn food is among the top picks of lawn owners. Miracle-Gro is a water-soluble lawn fertilizer that helps your Bermuda grass grow better. It is a special fertilizer for Bermuda grass manufactured according to the needs, season, and region of the particular grass type. The granules of this fertilizer easily dissolve in water and you can use a hose spray to dispense the solution into your lawn.

Moreover, the high percentage of nitrogen makes more chlorophyll which gives you a greener Bermuda grass. Potassium helps in rejuvenating the soil and Bermuda grass roots while giving them enough strength to tolerate heat. The quick-release formula of this water-soluble lawn food ensures instant results in growth and texture.

Key Features

  • Area coverage: 72,00 square feet
  • Time-release: quick release
  • NPK ratio: 30-0-6


  • It is suitable for all types of grass.
  • It gives instant results.


  • It requires a special feeder to use collectively for good results.
  • It needs more watering after application.

Tester’s Verdict

The users of this water-soluble fertilizer are satisfied with its performance. It makes the lawn look fresh and healthy. However, you will have to drench your lawn in water for a few days after its application.

7. Andersons Professional PGF Complete 16-4-8 Fertilizer

fall fertilizer for bermuda grass

This product is a professional-grade complete fertilizer which means it has advanced properties and qualities. It has a sufficient NPK ratio and also has humic acid DG technology that results in nutrient-rich soil. This DG technology includes humic and fulvic acids which increase the soil’s absorption levels. In this way, there are fewer chances of fertilizer wastage.

The fertilizer particles are small in size so you get more dispersion at a place and they also dissolve quickly when you water the lawn after application. The granules are not coated so you need not fear the premature releasing of all the nutrients caused by mower damage. The NPK has all three essential nutrients but the presence of phosphorus may get the product banned in some states.

Key Features

  • Area coverage: 5,000 square feet
  • Time-release: slow release
  • NPK ratio: 16-4-8


  • It enhances the lawn’s ability of absorption.
  • It is rich in micronutrients.
  • It provides double coverage.


  • Phosphate levels will pollute the waterways in case of washing off.
  • It is comparatively more expensive than other fertilizers.

Tester’s Verdict

The testing team is convinced of the abilities and features of this professional product. It can be a good pick for enthusiastic gardeners. However, the phosphorus levels may be a risk factor while the slow release fertilizer feature may not satisfy the impatient lawn owners in terms of results.

8. Super Juice All in One Soluble Supplement Lawn Fertilizer

best spring fertilizer for bermuda grass

Super juice is an all-in-one supplement product for lawn care. You have to use it with a complementing fertilizer to have visible results in a few days. Most of the time the customers mistake it for fertilizer and get disappointed when they do not get the desired results.

It is quite easy to use, due to its water-soluble feature. You can add the granules to a hose spray dispenser with water. It gets dissolved quickly and is ready to use. This supplement fertilizer contains iron and other microbes that make the lawn grass lush green. Also, it promotes the healthy growth of Bermuda grass strands and strong roots.

Key Features

  • Area coverage: 42,000 square feet
  • Time-release: slow-release
  • NPK ratio: 14-2-4


  • It has humic acid that increases the absorption of soil.
  • It has a balanced NPK ratio.
  • It is inexpensive yet has enough quantity to cover a vast area.


  • It needs a base fertilizer and does not work on its own.
  • It is not effective with other types of grass except Bermuda grass.

Tester’s Verdict

Overall, the product is a good purchase if you want to provide extra nourishment to your lawn. It will work best with a base fertilizer and gives prominent results. However, it may disappoint some customers as a supplement to fertilizer. Also, it is not suitable for all types of grass.

How To Choose the Best Fertilizer

We are not letting you live in confusion when it comes to buying the best fertilizer. You need to have some basic knowledge about the fertilizer analysis, the required elements in fertilizer, and also get your soil tested. However, read about types of fertilizers, NPK ratio, and the pH of soil if you want to crack how to choose the best fertilizer.

Types of Fertilizer 

As we have different types of grass, similarly, we have quite a few types of fertilizers. For instance, liquid, dry granular fertilizers, starter, seeding and water-soluble fertilizers, etc. These have their separate usages and functions to perform according to the needs of the yield.

Liquid Fertilizers

The liquid fertilizers are the best picks when you have planted Bermuda grass on your lawn. The liquid consistency allows the fertilizer to absorb quickly in grass or plant. Its application is quite easy, but it may require numerous applications as its effect is short-term.

Granular Fertilizer

Granular fertilizers are solid and minute particles like small pebbles. These granules require a fertilizer spreader with which you walk around the yard to spread the fertilizer. It can be a time taking process but it has long-term effects with the slow-release formula.

Water-soluble Fertilizer

Water-soluble fertilizers are similar to granular fertilizers. However, they get easily dissolved in water and are easy to use comparatively. You can add this in a hose spray dispenser and spray it all over the lawn grass. it allows more absorption and penetration of the fertilizer into the soil. Thus there is less wastage of fertilizer.

Weed and Feed Fertilizer

Most of the time, the clovers, broadleaf weeds, and dandelions overcrowd and manipulate the grass. For this purpose, you need to add herbicides to control weeds. You can get a weed and feed fertilizer to get two perks in one step. Thus, it control crabgrass, and gives protection, clover control, and nourishment at the same time.

Slow-release Fertilizer

Slow-release fertilizers take time to work and provide consistent feed for several months. This type of fertilizer requires lesser re-applications with more benefits.

Quick-release Fertilizer

The quick-release fertilizers are the prompt actors and provide instant results within 3-5 days. These include liquid and some granular fertilizers. However, these require often applications as they release the nutrients all at once for speedy growth.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are free of synthetic chemicals and toxic materials. These usually come from animal manure, fossils, and worm casting. They are not harmful to the plants and waterways. However, these can be expensive as it takes extra effort for its manufacture.

Synthetic Fertilizer

Synthetic fertilizers are man-made in labs with lots of toxic elements. The synthetic fertilizers are harmful not only to plants, and crops but can also affect marine life in case of washing off in waterways.

Pest Control

If you encounter any armyworms, or grubs in your lawn grass you need to add pesticides. For this reason, you can get a pest control fertilizer as regular pest control does not work for plants. It will protect your lawn from pests and worms with a growth boost.

Disease Preventing Fertilizer

Fungi can cause many diseases in your lawn grass as brown patches, dollar spots, and other fungal infections. The fungicides in the disease-preventing fertilizer can prevent these diseases for further protection of the lawn grass.

Starter and Seeding Fertilizer

Starter fertilizer is ideal for new lawns to promote the growth of healthy grass. moreover, the seeding fertilizer will help in making the lawn grass fuller a sit has grass seeds in it. If you want to reduce the bald spots on your lawn, you can use these fertilizers.

NPK Ratio 

The NPK ratio of a fertilizer shows the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium respectively.


N represents nitrogen that is responsible for the rapid growth and green color of the grass by making more chlorophyll. Usually, you will find more percentage of nitrogen in the NPK ratio as plants need it the most comparatively.


The P in NPK shows the percentage of phosphorus in the fertilizer. It is essential for stronger roots. However, you will not find this element in a few states as they have banned it as it causes water pollution.


K represents potassium and its ratio in the lawn fertilizer. It is equally beneficial for the healthy growth of grass.

Ph Soil Test

It is better if you get your soil tested before choosing the fertilizer. There are two types of soils alkaline and acidic and it is determined by the soil pH level. The alkaline soils go well around nitrogen-rich fertilizers while the acidic pH soils need limestone for creating the balance. Thus, it will help you get the fertilizer suitable for your soil type.


How Often Should I Fertilize My Bermuda Grass? 

Generally, the Bermuda grass requires fertilizing after 4-6 months. However, the time gap may vary with the type of fertilizer you use. For instance, the slow breaking of nutrients will extend the gap while a quick-release fertilizer will reduce the period.

How Do I Apply Fertilizer to My Lawn?

If you use a liquid fertilizer, you can use a hose pipe end with a spray bottle, a normal spray gun, or a pump-type spray to fertilize the plants. However, for the granular fertilizer, you will need a spreader to apply fertilizer around the lawn.

Do You Have to Water after Fertilizing?

The watering instruction may vary with differing fertilizer brands. However, most granular fertilizers do not require watering for about 2-3 days after application.

How Do I Make My Bermudagrass Thicker and Greener?

A nitrogen-rich fertilizer will make the Bermuda grass lawns greener and boost the thick growth. Apart from this, you can use seeding fertilizers to practice overseeding which will make your Bermuda grass thicker. Moreover, constant mowing and watering can also accelerate and promote thicker grass. also, do not forget to add herbicides and pesticides to protect your Bermuda grass lawn from pests and diseases.


In a nutshell, Bermuda grass on your lawn can look thicker, fuller, and lush green if you maintain it well. For this purpose, you need to keep a check on your soil’s Ph and nutrients. Add the required nutrients in form of fertilizers to make Bermuda grass grow faster and thicker.

Before choosing the fertilizer for your Bermuda grass, make sure you have the soil test results. Know about the fertilizer types so that you know what you need for your soil. Also, do a thorough analysis of the fertilizer’s NPK ratio to create a balance in the soil’s nutrients.

Try and avoid chemical fertilizers and go for slow-release fertilizers if you do not want to harm your plants. Also, the quick release will require, reapplications and will cost you more. So, it is better to invest at one time and have long-term benefits. Be consistent in mowing, watering, and fertilizing the Bermuda grass lawn if you want to have a presentable, fuller, and patch-free lawn.

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