8 Best Perennials for New Jersey

Best Perennials for New Jersey

Creating a beautiful garden in New Jersey can be a delightful and rewarding experience, especially when you choose the right perennial flowers. Perennials are a gardener’s best friend, returning year after year with minimal effort and providing a continuous display of vibrant colors.

For those living in New Jersey, selecting the best perennials suited to the local climate is essential for achieving a stunning, resilient garden. Whether you are in northern New Jersey or closer to the coast, these plants will thrive and add charm to your landscape.

New Jersey gardens benefit from a diverse range of perennials, from early spring blooms to bright yellow flowers that light up the garden in early summer. Plants like black-eyed Susans and other deer-resistant varieties can withstand the summer heat and even thrive in light shade. These perennial flowers not only offer beautiful blooms but also bring vibrant hues to your Jersey garden.

Perfect for rock gardens and general landscaping, these hardy plants will ensure your garden remains a vibrant and inviting space throughout the growing season.

Best Perennials for New Jersey

Here are some amazing perennials you can grow in New Jersey:

1. Astilbe

native plants for zone 7b

Long-lasting and low-maintenance, Astilbe is a perennial superstar adored across America! With deep green foliage that gives off serious tropical rainforest vibes, these plants add a touch of the exotic to your garden.

Astilbes are moisture lovers, thriving best in waterside plantings, shady woodland gardens, and boggy areas where they can soak up plenty of water. Imagine them nestled beside a cool stream or in those shady areas of your yard, effortlessly adding lushness and beauty.

Understanding the Lifespan of Perennial Plants

On the other hand, Asters are the rock stars of the perennial flowers world. Easy to grow and drought tolerant, they laugh in the face of dry spells and cooler temperatures. Perfect for full sun and requiring little maintenance, Asters bring vibrant color to your garden from late spring to mid-summer, and they even re-bloom for an extended show until the first frost.

Pair them with coral bells for a spectacular display of beautiful shades that will make your garden the envy of the neighborhood. Whether you’re designing a new garden in New Jersey or sprucing up an old one, these perennials are your ticket to a stunning, low-maintenance landscape.

2. Aster

plants native to new jersey

Plant New England Aster in your perennial bed, and watch your Jersey garden come alive with color! These beauties thrive with plenty of moisture, so place them in a moist meadow, wet woodland edge, or right next to a pond. For a dazzling display, mass them together with native goldenrod—talk about a stunning fall color contrast!

Want to enjoy brilliant blooms in the fall? During the summer, plant your fall-blooming perennials, such as asters, coneflowers, chrysanthemums, and sedums. These plants bring a riot of jewel-tone colors like gold, orange, red, and deep purple to your garden. They’re perfect for garden beds, containers, walkways, driveways, and patio borders. Ensure they have good drainage and plenty of sun to keep them happy.

3. Anemone

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Anemone blanda, a charming native of the Mediterranean, is perfectly suited for Jersey gardens with good drainage. Picture this: well-drained soils, dry summers, and relatively warm winters. These delightful plants thrive in rock gardens and open woodlands, basking in the sun or enjoying a bit of shade. Come summer and fall, their blooms bring a burst of colour that butterflies adore.

As summer fades, you’ll notice the leaves turning yellow and beginning to die back. This is your cue to cut back the foliage and let the plant rest until the next growing season. Since anemone flowers are hardy perennials, they’ll return year after year with proper care. After planting, you can look forward to their beautiful blooms gracing your garden every fall.

4. Bee Balm

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Monarda, commonly known as bee balm or bergamot, brings a burst of purple and pink to your landscape. Although these perennials tend to be short-lived, they are vibrant additions to any garden. As they spread outward, the crown of the plants can become woody. To keep your Monarda bushy and beautiful, divide them every few years, ensuring they stay lively and lovely.

Gardeners love Monarda for its bright, cheerful flowers that attract bees and other pollinators. This native plant thrives in full sun but can tolerate partial shade, making it versatile for various landscape settings. Ideal soil types include loam, organic, and clay, but it’s crucial to keep the soil moist, as Monarda has no tolerance for drought.

5. Basket-of-gold

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Basket-of-gold is a garden gem that thrives as a perennial in areas with mild summers. However, in southern locations, it’s often grown as an annual due to the hotter climate. To enjoy these beautiful blooms, plant your marigolds in the spring, right after the last frost. For a head start, you can grow them from seed indoors about two months before the last expected frost.

Seeds typically germinate in just 4 to 14 days when planted in warm soil with an average temperature of 70°F – 75°F. Once established, these varieties of marigolds will add stunning colors to your garden from June through July, attracting beneficial insects and creating a vibrant display.

6. Blanket flower

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Blanket flowers are the sunshine lovers of your garden. They thrive in full sun and burst into beautiful blooms when they bask in at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight daily. Especially popular in the New Jersey area, these perennials are a top choice for gardeners because they’re deer-resistant and can easily handle a light frost.

Native to most of the western US, the upper Great Plains, and around the Great Lakes, blanket flowers bring a splash of yellow, purple, and pink to your landscape. Cool-season, short-lived perennials add vibrant color from spring through mid-summer. Whether you’re mixing them with other annuals or planting them in a landscape design, these hardy flowers will brighten up your garden with their cheerful hues year after year.

7. Coral bells

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Coral bells are a star in the world of perennial flowers. They are renowned for their diverse colors and fascinating textures, which make them a favorite for New Jersey garden design. These beauties grow mediumly and, under ideal conditions, can adorn your garden for around 10 years. With their vibrant colors ranging from deep purples to bright greens, they effortlessly add a splash of excitement to any landscape.

Fairly easy to grow, coral bells are hardy perennials and evergreen in most zones. They reach a mature size of 10-30 inches, making them a perfect companion to black-eyed Susans and other perennial flowers in your Jersey garden.

8. Chrysanthemum

nj native flowers

Spring is the ultimate season of growth, making it the perfect time to load up your garden beds with Chrysanthemum bulbs, annuals, and perennials that will dazzle you with blooms through the summer, fall, and even winter! Get ready to transform your garden into a year-round paradise.

To give your Chrysanthemums a head start, plant cold-hardy cuttings in the spring after the last frost or 6-8 weeks before the first frost in the fall. This gives them plenty of time to establish roots before going dormant for the winter.


Creating a thriving garden in New Jersey with the best perennial flowers is like painting with a palette of nature’s most vibrant colors. From the lush greens of Astilbe to the bold hues of Blanket flowers, your garden can become a year-round paradise bursting with beauty and life. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, these hardy perennials will reward you with minimal maintenance and maximum impact.

So grab your gardening gloves and trowel, and get ready to transform your Jersey garden into a botanical masterpiece. Remember, the secret to a stunning garden is choosing the right plants and giving them the love and care they deserve. With these perennial powerhouses, you’ll have a garden that’s not only beautiful but also resilient and full of life. Happy gardening, and may your blooms be ever bright and your soil ever fertile!

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