7 Best Flowers to Plant in June

Best Flowers to Plant in June

June is the perfect time to dive into the world of gardening and get your hands dirty with some summer planting! Whether you’re looking to jazz up your flower beds with perennial plants that come back year after year or you’re eager to sow seeds that promise vibrant blooms by late summer, there’s no better time to start than now.

As the days lengthen and plants begin their most active growth period, June offers a spectrum of planting possibilities, from dazzling sun-lovers in full sun to veggies that will spruce up your vegetable garden. Gear up to make the most of early fall’s color parade and get those flowers in the ground now for a spectacular late season show!

Best Flowers to Plant in June

Here are some of the best flowers you can plant in June:

1. Daylily

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Daylilies truly live up to their name, with each flower blooming for a mere day, but don’t worry—reblooming varieties keep the show going all summer long! To keep these vibrant blooms flourishing from early summer into early fall, two things are crucial: consistent watering and diligent deadheading.

June Gardening Essential Maintenance Tips

While they are drought tolerant, a lack of water can still put a damper on their bloom production. However, removing spent flowers is key to encouraging more blooms. So, grab your gardening gloves and head to your local nursery to pick some of these beauties for a summer full of dazzling daylilies!

Tip To Follow: Grow them in a sunny spot

2. Coneflower

what to sow in june

Echinacea, a favorite among perennials, is a cinch to kickstart from seed, whether you begin indoors and transplant after the last frost or go straight into the garden soil in summer. This beautiful plant doesn’t fuss over its start—direct sowing can lead to a spectacular fall bloom.

Flourishing from late June through September, Echinacea lights up any garden with its full bloom, showcasing its prowess in both hot climates and more temperate zones. Perfect for ground covers or dramatic focal points, this heat-tolerant trooper thrives in partial shade to full sun, inviting new plants to sprout around it and extend the vibrant show throughout the growing season.

Tip To Follow: Offer moderate water

3. Globe Thistle

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Get your garden buzzing by planting globe thistle in May or June, and you’ll be rewarded with striking blooms that kick off in mid-summer and brighten your space all the way into fall. Not just a one-hit wonder, when its bloom time winds down, globe thistle keeps the garden drama going with its visually intriguing seed heads.

This low maintenance stunner is a favorite among perennials for its ability to keep the show going summer long, adding texture and interest for weeks on end. So, if you’re looking for plants that pack a punch for the whole summer and beyond, globe thistle is a prime pick for a second harvest of beauty!

Tip To Follow: Use deep cell seed-trays to grow them

4. Coreopsis

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Kick off your garden’s color show by planting perennial coreopsis either in the crisp days of autumn or the fresh start of spring, setting them up perfectly before the rush of the growing season. You can still tuck these vibrant flowers into your garden come summer—just keep them happy with plenty of water until they’re firmly rooted.

Whether you’re dotting your garden with seeds in spring or giving them a summer start, coreopsis will burst into a riot of color, ready to brighten your space from summer through fall, without the fuss of high maintenance. Ready, set, grow—let these resilient blooms mark the seasons in your garden from Memorial Day through to the first frost!

Tip To Follow: Plant where they get full sun

5. Butterfly Weed

seeds to sow in june

Butterflyweed thrives under the full blaze of summer sun, showcasing its vibrant blooms. While it has a preference for sandy terrains, this hardy perennial doesn’t shy away from other types of soil—it’s just as at home in gravel or clay as long as the ground offers good drainage.

Once it settles in, butterflyweed becomes remarkably drought-tolerant, making it an excellent addition to your garden. Planted alongside your June vegetables or sown among your blooming tomatoes, butterflyweed not only brightens the garden but also invites bees to partake in the bounty, enhancing pollination and harvest potential for gardeners.

Tip To Follow: Use pure, unchlorinated water

6. Joe-Pye Weed

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Joe Pye weed, a stunner with its fluffy pink and purple blossoms, revels in a sunny spot but appreciates a little shade during the intense afternoon heat. Plant it where it can bask in the morning sun yet relax under some shelter as the day heats up to keep its lush foliage vibrant and healthy. Too much sun can turn the leaves a distressed yellow, while excessive shade might stretch it thin, making it prone to drooping or disease.

It’s a fantastic plant for adding more color to your garden palette, especially among roses, lavender, and basil. Not only does it produce stunning visuals, but it also attracts butterflies and other pollinators, making it a great time to enjoy the lively activity in your garden with annuals that thrive in similar conditions.

Tip To Follow: They thrive in moist open areas

7. Anise Hyssop

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If you’re blessed with a long, warm season, it’s a great option to sprinkle anise hyssop seeds directly into your garden once the frost has said its final goodbye. For those who enjoy a shorter dance with ideal temperatures, kick things off by beginning your seed journey indoors, about six weeks before the last frost whispers farewell.

Anise hyssop not only brings a fragrant flair to your space but also adds a rainbow of interest as it thrives alongside annuals that prefer the heat. Plus, it’s a magnet for wildlife, making your garden a lively hub of nature’s hustle and bustle come July!

Tip To Follow: Plant in well-draining soil


Wrap up those gardening gloves because your journey through the best flowers to plant in June has just blossomed into a full-blown garden adventure! From the heat-loving anise hyssop to the durable daylily, each of these selections is poised to transform your garden into a vibrant tableau of colors, fragrances, and bustling wildlife. As the warm days of July roll in, these plants will be hitting their stride, blooming profusely and bringing life to every corner of your outdoor space.

So, whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a budding gardener, don’t hesitate to sow these beauties in your vegetable patch alongside your tomatoes or tuck them into that sunny spot by the patio. These floral champions are ready to grow, thrive, and make this summer one for the books. Happy planting, gardeners—may your blooms be plenty and your harvests be hearty!

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