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The lawn in your house is an absolute attraction and can be a fun place if you maintain it well. The actively growing lawn grasses, wild, broadleaf weeds, or the clumpy earth patches reduce the charm of the lawn. To keep your lawn grass healthy, and green you need to take great lawn care. Maintain the moisture, add grass fertilizer to fulfill the nutrition need and do not let them out grow.

When choosing the lawn fertilizer try to avoid the chemical fertilizers. Also, get the fertilizer according to the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. For this purpose, you can get the soil tested. The best option is to get the natural fertilizer that does not harm the plants.

It can be a difficult task to opt for the best lawn fertilizers among so many options in the market. Therefore, here we are with few of the best recommendations that will help you know and decide better.

Best Fertilizer For the Grass

1. Milorganite Slow Release Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer

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Milorganite is a slow release nitrogen, natural lawn fertilizer that is eco-friendly and does not pollute the environment. The nitrogen comes from the organic and natural resources instead of chemicals. it has slow- releasing or burning properties which maintain its effect for up to 10 weeks. You can use it on your lawn grass, flowers, plants, trees etc.

The slow releasing function gives more time to the fertilizer for the absorption in the roots. However, it can make the process a bit slow but the benefits are long term. The iron richness of this organic fertilizer makes the grass green even among the warm season grasses. Alongside, it has calcium and other necessary plant nutrients for lawn’s health.

However, if your yard’s soil is deficient of potassium than this lawn fertilizer will not be a good choice as it has zero proportion of potassium. Moreover, the percentage of phosphorus is also more than required so , you have to add the best lawn fertilizer in a controlled manner.

Key features

·         Its formula is eco-friendly.

·         It is a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer.

·         It is free of staining iron.

·         It makes greener grass.


·         It is easy to spread across the yard.

·         it has long lasting effect on the grass.


·         It has high proportion of phosphorus.

·         It does not contain potassium, so will not be good for potassium deficient soils.

Tester’s verdict

The testers of this product find it excellent in performance. This grass fertilizer accelerates the growth within a week. However, it can be a bit pricey for some people. Also, it is suitable for your yard if it has potassium deficiency.

2. Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food

Scotts turf builder is one of the best lawn fertilizer that help your grass grow thicker. It gives strength to the grass roots so that they can grow better. This product is used in fall season as the name itself proclaims.

It is a high nitrogen fertilizer so, it burns the grass if used in excess. Moreover, it is phosphate free that can affect its performance if there is lesser phosphorus in your lawn.

Apart from these, it is kids and pets friendly. So, you need not worry if your pet is outgoing and stays in lawn most of the time. Also, it is better to keep your kid or toddler inside for a while when applying fertilizer or spreading the granules but if they are out , the product is kid friendly as well.

Key features

·         It is kids and pets friendly.

·         It gives best results when used in fall.

·         Its formula makes it suitable for roots development.


·         You can use it on any grass type.

·         It can easily spread as it is a granular fertilizer.

·         It can help new grass seed to grow better.


·         It has no phosphorus so may not be efficient for use in yields with phosphorus deficiency.

Tester’s verdict

Scotts turf builder is an energy booster for grass roots. It strengthens them to grow out better in the early spring. However, you can only use it in the fall season to prepare the plants for spring. Otherwise, the product is good-to-go for a greener and fuller grass lawn.

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3. Safer Brand Lawn Restore Fertilizer

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Safer brand lawn fertilizer is yet another natural lawn fertilizer that has nearly no harmful effect on environment. It has a moderate amount of nitrogen that keeps a balance between greenery and burning of the grass.

This product is ideal for the alleviation of thin lawns. It is a quick fix to get stronger roots to withstand droughts, weather changes and other stressors. Also, it can be used in all seasons providing the new lawn care to your grass all year.

The plant nutrients in this safer brand lawn fertilizer are not water soluble, instead, they build up organic matter. This organic matter in reducing the washing of right nutrients with water. Plus, it is pet and kids friendly and does not have any harmful effects on them.

Key features

·         It is suitable for all seasons.

·         It is pet and human friendly.

·         One bag will cover an area of 5,000 square feet.

·         It is a non-phosphate fertilizer.


·         It makes the earth healthy for new grass growing season.

·         The nitrogen ratio is balanced and makes the grass green.


·         It has a dusty consistency which results in wastage of product.

Tester’s verdict

The users of safer brand lawn fertilizers are satisfied with its performance as they see the grass grow thicker and greener in 5-6 days. Also, one bag of this fertilizer is enough for a big, new lawn. However, the consistency of the product is extra fine which can cause excessive usage or wastage.

4. Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed

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Scotts turf builder weed and feed is a multi-action product. It provides nutrients to the growing bed and kill the weed at the same time. Hence, it is a special fertilizer with herbicides that kill the clover, weed and dandelions from most lawns.

It has nourishing properties and proper nutrients like nitrogen and potassium. However, there is no phosphate in this product. Also, it is a granular fertilizer and is easy to spread across the yard. One pack of this weed and feed can cover a lawn of 5,000 square feet area.

However, this product is not safe for humans and pets. There should not be any human and pet action around grass after application of this starter fertilizer. Also, it works for certain grass types i.e., Bermuda grass, Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue etc.. Thus you will have to make extra efforts with this product.

Key features

·         Especial product for clearing out dandelions, weed and clover.

·         It can cover a 5,000 square feet lawn.

·         It has advanced weed grip technology.


·         It nourishes the base and kills the weed at the same time.


·         Suitable for only certain grass types.

·         Not safe for human and pet’s contact for immediate 24-48 hours.

Tester’s verdict

This product is good to use to kill weed and clover. It is a dual action fertilizer cum herbicide. However, it requires high end precaution after application there should not be nay human or pets contact with the grass.

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5. GreenView Lawn Food

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GreenView lawn food is the miracle product that has multiple benefits. It restores the existing nutrients while providing extra nourishment. Moreover, it is a granular fertilizer which make sit easier to spread across the yard.

It has dual time release mechanism i.e., quick release fertilizer and slow release nitrogen, which benefits the grass in long term. For instance, the fast release of nitrogen makes the grass thicker, fuller and greener with fast acting. Whereas, the slow-release fertilizer extends the feeding period up to 8 weeks.

This product is phosphate free hence you need worry about polluting the waterways. Also, this product helps the grass  roots in water retention in cases of drought or weather changes. Plus, you can use it in all seasons, spring, fall, summer except for cool season grasses, so you can use this lawn care product almost whole year.

Key features

·         It gives the coverage of 15,000square feet area.

·         It has dual time release mechanism.

·         It is phosphate free product.


·         It helps in the restoration of nutrients.

·         It speeds up the root growth.

·         It helps the plants  in water retention


·         The high nitrogen fertilizer can burn out the grass.

Tester’s verdict

This product is the favorite of the large size lawn owners as one pack covers it all. Moreover, the dual release mechanism caters all the needs of the hour. However, the higher rate of nitrogen may leave burnt grass if the product is applied in excess.

6. Jonathan Green Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer

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These lawn fertilizers are best suitable in fall season only. It is highly beneficial for early fall seeding and results in increased growth. It not only restores the warm season grasses and heat damage but also prepares for the cool season grasses.

The slow release fertilizer continue feeding for 3 months. While it covers a large area of lawn. Thus, you will have to spend more but only once a year. It gives enough strength to the grass roots that they can withstand the winter weather stress like first frost, fog, etc.

It acts as a preparing agent not only for winters but you can see the results in spring as well. With the application of this fertilizer, the grass will come out greener and fuller in forthcoming spring.

Key features

·         It is a fall fertilizer which makes it suitable for fall seeding.

·         It restores the summer damage.

·         It covers the area of 15000 square feet.


·         It has the feed time of 3 months.

·         It helps prepare the plants for winter with root growth.


·         It is a bit expensive comparatively.

·         Not suitable for other seasons than fall.

Tester’s verdict

Our testing team, find this product suitable under certain condition and weather. It stimulates root growth and has restoration and nourishment properties but it is a bit expensive. Also, you can use this fertilizer only in fall season.

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7. Espoma Spring Lawn Booster

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This fertilizer can become your lawn’s best friend if it does not bloom well in springs. The winter season can be harsh for the grass but with this product you can undo the damage on an area of 5,000 square feet with one pack. It is made up of organic waste resources and has no phosphates so the chances of water or air pollution is quite low.

Moreover, it has a compact ratio of nitrogen which does not harm the grass and leave no burn outs. Along with other nutrients, this fertilizer has some significant percentage of calcium. It is an essential nutrient for plants. However, if your yard is alkaline, this can do more damage to the soil’s pH levels. So, it is better not to use it on alkaline surfaces.

Key features

·         It has slow-release mechanism.

·         It is made with organic waste resources.

·         It is environment friendly.

·         It covers the area up to 5,000 square feet.


·         It is human and pet friendly.

·         It does not burn the grass.

·         It is easy to spread the product because it is a granular fertilizer.


·         The calcium in this product will not be suitable for the alkaline soils.

Tester’s verdict

This product is a spring bloomer and makes the grass greener and thicker. It has controlled ratio of nitrogen with no phosphates. The slow release fertilizer helps in extension of feed time. However, the calcium contents may not go well with alkaline soils.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Fertilizer

When you are buying the fertilizer, make sure you get the right one. For instance, get the product which is suitable for your lawn , has lesser side effects and more benefits. To make it easier for you, we have elaborated a few things you need to know before buying fertilizer.

Fertilizer Analysis

You must know how to read the fertilizer’s packet. There is no need to worry if you have no knowledge of the elements, we will give a brief explanation to do better analysis of your fertilizer. Usually, you will find the letters N, P, K with the percentages. These N, P, K, are the three most vital nutrients for the plants i.e., nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

The nitrogen is responsible for making your grass green and thicker as it helps in creating more chlorophyl. Moreover, the phosphorus, helps in strengthening the roots and make the ground ready for new implantation of grass. Whereas, potassium comes to rescue when there is drought, or any disease to give more immunity to the grass strands.

Usually, there is enough amount of phosphorus in the lawn so you need to check the percentage of this nutrient in the fertilizer. However, you should buy the product according to the nutritional need of your law. For this purpose, do a thorough analysis of fertilizer’s npk ratio to avoid oversupply of nutrients.

Chemical Fertilizer vs. Organic Fertilizer

We are the impatient beings who hate to wait for long. Therefore, most of the lawn owners or the gardeners tend to get the chemical fertilizers. These synthetic fertilizers may show instant or prompt results but they are not long lasting and have many disadvantages. Whereas the wise ones get the organic fertilizers to provide important nutrients and less harmful substances.

The synthetic fertilizers most of the times do not fully absorb in the roots. Instead, they sit on the upper surface, catalyze quick result and then wash off with water or rain. In such cases, the chemicals pollute the water supplies and can cause mineral depletion in the soil. Also, if used in a heavy amount, it can burn the grass instead of increasing the growth.

In contrast, the organic fertilizers are best suited for the lawn grass. They might have slow response rate but they have long lasting effects. Usually, these fertilizers come from bone meal, sea weed, fossils, manure etc. These organic fertilizers release the nutrients in soil slowly, which helps them in better absorption in the soil and roots while posing less threats to environment.

Your Lawn’s Soil Test Results

The most important thing to consider while buying a lawn fertilizer, is your lawn’s soil test result. If you take this test, it can save your lawn from great damage and ensure proper and required care. Basically, there are two types of soils either alkaline or acidic. The soil test shows whether your soil has more alkalinity or acidity. So you can get the fertilizer accordingly.

If your lawn’s soil is alkaline in nature you need to get the fertilizer rich in nitrogen and iron sulfate. Make sure you get the fertilizer which has organic nitrogen to avoid further harm to the grass. However, if your soil is acidic then you must get limestone rich fertilizer to raise the Ph level of lawn’s soil.

Once you have the soil test results, try to follow them and buy the fertilizer as per the needs of lawn’s soil. If you add the required nutrients can facilitate the grass growth and make it stay all fresh and green throughout the seasons.

Yard Size

Examining the yard size is yet another kind of fertilizer analysis. You should measure or calculate the size of your lawn and the required amount of fertilizer. It highly depends on the size , how much fertilizer you should add.

For this reason, you need to be mindfull of the lawn’s size and area when buying a lawn fertilizer. You cannot add excess amount to a smaller yad or lesser amount to a huge yard. In both the cases, the performance of the product and the results will be affected.

Most of the organic fertilizer brands mention the standard size on the packets. So, it makes it easier for you to get the right product based on your yard’s size. To ensure, good health and growth of grass in your backyard.


1: When Should I Fertilize My Lawn? 

In general, you should fertilize your lawn in the spring season when the grass roots are al ready to pop out. However, you better not be an early bird in this case because it can stop or slow down the growth of grass. People also add fertilizers to the grass in fall season to give strength to the roots and in summers to add up greenery.

Moreover, you can add fertilizer to your lawn’s grass even twice a year based on the growth of grass and needs of soil. So, if your soil is deficient in nutrients, you can add the fertilizer again to create the suitable growth environment.

2: What Type of Lawn Fertilizer Should I Use? 

The type of lawn fertilizer solely depends on the type of your lawn’s soil whether it is alkaline or acidic. Moreover, it also depends on the weather, season, region and the type of grass you have planted in your lawn. However, it is ideal to use organic fertilizers to provide pure nourishment to the soil and grass.

Generally, there are three main elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a fertilizer. So according to your soil’s needs you need to get the combination and required percentage of these elements in a fertilizer. Study your soil to fertilize it better.

3: Should You Fertilize Before or after Cutting the Lawn?

It is best suitable to fertilize your lawn after cutting. In this way, it will give more soil exposure and more room to the fertilizer for absorption. So, you must mow your lawn’s grass before adding the fertilizer. Also, we recommend not to cut the grass for a few days after you put in the fertilizer as it will give it more time to nourish the soil.


In a nutshell, you need to know your soil first and then go for the best lawn fertilizer. For this purpose, you can take the soil test to check for the alkalinity or acidity of your yard’s soil. Also, keep in mind the ratio of nutrients in your soil. Do not add excessive amount of any nutrient. Try to have a balance between the natural ingredients and additive nutrients.

Before buying a fertilizer, you must do proper analysis and find out what nutrient your soil needs the most. Moreover, make sure what type of fertilizer you are getting either chemical or organic. It is always good to go for an organic fertilizer. It will do less harm to your soil and environment while giving more benefit. Also, keep in mind the yard’s size when you apply fertilizer to be safe around the proportion.

Thus, if you want to have a lush green grass and healthy lawn you better take care of its nourishment. Add the best lawn fertilizers according to the needs of soil, to strengthen the roots and shoot growth while making the grass strands greener. Stay organic, use natural fertilizer as long as possible and avoid chemicals into your soil.

May you have a great family time with some snacks in your backyard with established lawn and fresh green grass as a pleasant sight to your eyes.

The lawn in your house is an absolute attraction and can be a fun place if you maintain it well. The actively growing lawn grasses, wild, broadleaf weeds, or the clumpy earth patches reduce the charm of the lawn. To keep your lawn grass healthy, and green you need to take great lawn care. Maintain the moisture, add grass fertilizer to fulfill the nutrition need and do not let them out grow.

When choosing the lawn fertilizer try to avoid the chemical fertilizers. Also, get the fertilizer according to the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. For this purpose, you can get the soil tested. The best option is to get the natural fertilizer that does not harm the plants.

It can be a difficult task to opt for the best lawn fertilizers among so many options in the market. Therefore, here we are with few of the best recommendations that will help you know and decide better.

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