5 Best Fertilizers for Bougainvillea: How And When To Apply

Fertilizer for Bougainvillea

Gardening is never an easy task and if your garden is a habitat of tropical plants, then getting fertilizer can be a great help. Bougainvillea plants are among such tropical plants that are not easy to grow. Bougainvillea plants need a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K) regularly to grow bougainvillea with abundant bloom. Market is filled with several types of bougainvillea fertilizers with balanced NPK ratios for bougainvillea plants.

Bougainvillea plant has vines that grow up a wall or panels, and can be shaped into shrubs to enhance the beauty of your house.

Bougainvillea plants are heavy feeders that instantly absorb all available nutrients the soil can offer. If the same nutrients are not replenished, then your Bougainvillea vines will decay, which you would not want for sure. To avoid this havoc from happening, get the best Bougainvillea fertilizer for your garden.

Our team tested the best Bougainvillea fertilizers and has created a list of the 5 best fertilizers available on the market.

5 Best Fertilizer for Bougainvillea Plants

To boost the growth of your beloved Bougainvillea plants, getting the right fertilizer will ensure a rich houseplant. A fertilized Bougainville will thrive better with just the addition of a small amount of a friendly fertilizer. The best fertilizers on the market were tested and are listed below for you convenience.

1. Jacks Classic No.1.5 Fertilizer 20-20-20

best fertilizer for bougainvillea

The Jacks classic fertilizer does miracles for a rich and vibrant bracts of your Bougainvillea plants. The fertilizer contains the balanced NPK ratio of 20-20-20 for enhancing the growth of new flowers with vibrant colors.

The water soluble plant food also contains additional micronutrients for both the indoor and outdoor tropical plants; and feeds both through the roots and the leaves for the best results. The 1.5 lb. pack is especially effective on foliage plants and keeps leaves green when used indoors.

You just need to mix the formula in water and sprinkle the liquid fertilizer in a small amount to the soil and then witness the miracle of fast growing Bougainvillea plants.


  • Contains water soluble plant food
  • 20-20-20 NPK value
  • Contains essential micronutrients
  • For both indoor and outdoor plants
  • Effective on foliage plants and keeps leaves green


  • The generous quantity of all basic nutrients necessary for bougainvillea plant speeds up the leaf expansion and readily results in lush green
  • The fertilizer is not just for flowering plants but also does wonders for trees and vegetables
  • The fertilizer gets readily mixed with water and you have to just sprinkle it on the soil, and the fertilizer will feed both through the leaves and roots


  • The formula is not appropriate for hydro DWC plants: plants requiring a lot of water and nutrients

Tester’s Verdict

The team witnessed a full growth of a beautiful plant with lush green leaves in less time. The fertilizer had all the nutrients that flowering plants could possibly require. However, the fertilizer did not do well in moist weather, the rest was just wonderful.

2. Jobes Fertilizer Spikes For Flowers 8-9-12

fertilizer for bougainvillea

The jobes fertilizer contains pre-measured spikes that are ready to insert in soil right away. The formula is specialized for bougainvillea flowers in pots and hanging baskets and contain all specialized nutrients in the rightful amounts.

The NPK ratio of 8-9-12 contains high phosphorus content that works best during the growing season and blooming period of your flowers. The package contains 18 ready-to-use spikes that readily mix in soil and keep feeding for 2 months, given that the watering frequency is high.

The fertilizer is specialized for nourishing roots to encourage growth of new branches and vines throughout the spring season. The spikes are water soluble and are slowly released in ground to get absorbed through the roots of your flowering plants with minimum chances of hazards.


  • Specialized for flowers on hanging baskets & potted plants
  • Best for nourishing roots with no hazards caused
  • 18 ready to use fertilizer spikes
  • Keeps feeding for 2 months
  • 8-9-12 NPK ratio


  • The slow-release fertilizer keeps feeding for 2 months through the roots of bougainvillea plant
  • You just have to insert the spikes in the root zone of your flowers


  • The fertilizer is not helpful for all types of climates

Tester’s Verdict

The amazing results of the fertilizer shocked the team for its quick results and long feeding period. However, the fertilizer is not appropriate during winter months.

3. Jobe’s Camellia & Rhododendron Fertilizer Spikes 9-8-7

fertilizer for bougainvillea

Jobe’s fertilizer spikes are easy-to-use and the package contains 10 spikes that you just have to readily mix in soil and water the soil for the fertilizer to do wonders. The spikes slowly mix in water and get absorbed in your bougainvillea roots to maintain the root system and new growth of your plant.

The NPK ratio of 9-8-7 has the highest nitrogen content that ensures thegrowth of dark green leaves, with pink, and purple flowers all over the vines. The unique attribute is its efficiency for acid loving plants without any undesirable hazardous effects. The pre-measured spikes have all the required nutrients for your beautiful bougainvillea garden without any dangerous run-off to surrounding water bodies.

The spikes work appropriately throughout the year, specially during hot climate: summer and late spring. The jobe’s fertilizer contains the perfect union of appropriate nutrients that keeps feeding for 8 weeks.


  • Comes in a pack of 10 easy-to-apply spikes
  • 9-8-7 NPK ratio
  • Slow release fertilizer for acid loving plants
  • Environment friendly: no hazardous effects
  • Feeds throughout the season without any runoff
  • Suitable during late spring or early summer


  • The spikes are pre-measured to avoid any run-off or mess and make it highly easy to apply
  • The jobe’s fertilizer contains the perfect formula that bougainvillea plant food should contain that feeds up to 8 weeks


  • The spikes can break in extreme dry soil so not appropriate during winter months

Tester’s Verdict

The testers found the spikes highly easy to use and that resulted in colorful bracts and wholesome flowers. However, unlike the claims the company makes, the spikes did not last in dry climate, so inappropriate during cold weather and semi-dormant period of seeds.

4. Scotts Flower Slow Release Food 10-10-10

bougainvillea fertilizing

As the name implies, the scott’s produces all-purpose fertilizers that feed all kinds of plants: flowers and vegetables. The balanced NPK ratio of 10-10-10 is best to fertilize bougainvillea plants with the amazing bloom of your flower garden. The plant food is a slow release formula that further ensures continuous release of required nutrients into the soil.

The formula contains nutrients in controlled amounts so that it gently benefits in fertile soil and best maintains established bougainvillea vines. The granules are slowly released in the ground and keep feeding for 2 months.

The gentle formula is easy to use as you have to simply apply it to the soil and it will wonderfully promote beautiful flowers and abundant bougainvillea growth. The formula is eco-friendly and will not burn if you use it in quantity as directed in the fertilizer label.


  • Balanced 10-10-10 NPK ratio
  • Works for flowers and vegetables
  • Slow and Continuous release plant food
  • Keeps feeding for 2 months
  • Enough gentle for use in fertile soil


  • The fertilizer will not burn when used in quantity as directed
  • The granular fertilizer gets released slowly for a long-term healthy bougainvillea vines


  • The effect of the fertilizer is a bit compromised for flowering plants

Tester’s Verdict

The testers observed amazing growth of not just flowers, but also plants. They simply sprinkled the granular formula in soil and the fertilizer worked wonderfully.

5. Dr. Earth Organic & Natural MINI Exotic Blend Palm

bougainvillea fertilizing

Dr. Earth blend palm fertilizer is made wholly from organic and naturally acquired ingredients. The company exclusively mentioned it to be hibiscus fertilizer but it also works amazingly for all tropical plants including Bougainvillea species. The formula best works during the growing season with the NPK value of 6-4-6, with high nitrogen content that enhances photosynthesis in tropical plants for a greener growth.

The organic formula is available in 1 and 4 pounds packs with organic, non-GMO, and natural ingredients making it highly safe to use around children, pets, and people. Furthermore, The highly eco-friendly formula is enlisted in the list of OMRI fertilizers.

It is among the best organic fertilizers with additional beneficial soil microbes to encourage flowering of your precious Bougainvillea.


  • OMRI listed fertilizer
  • Available in 1 & 4 lb. packs
  • Eco-friendly, Non-GMO formula with organic, naturally acquired nutrients
  • People and pets safe
  • 6-4-6 NPK value


  • The best organic fertilizer with natural hand blended ingredients
  • The formula contains additional beneficial soil microbes for new growth of your young plants


  • The natural contents can promote the growth of worms and undesirable insects

Tester’s Verdict

The team was quite happy with the amazing natural contents of the fertilizer making it quite a treat for keeping the environment safe. However, the formula became a breeding ground for worms when the environment contained moisture.

Tips on Helping Your Bougainvillea Flower

Among the many flowering plants, the most convenient low maintenance plant is bougainvillea which requires less attention.

The bougainvillea possess green foliage throughout the year and are available in a wide range of colors from pink to purple.

To keep you bougainvillea green and refreshing, you have to keep track of important tips that will best help you to grow bougainvillea with brilliant blooms and long vines.

Exposure to Sun

Bougainvillea bloom best with 6 hours of full sun exposure. You should consider planting it in areas where sunlight stays for half a day.


The plant requires intense watering for a few hours but cannot tolerate high levels of water for long hours.

Use of Fertilizers

The plant is a heavy feeder and requires intensive food to grow and hence, using fertilizers is inevitable. The market has several fertilizers for best blooming of bougainvillea vines.


The plant grows year round and the vines are vast climbers that need support to grow and the vines spread across the wall or panels.


The plant needs to be pruned twice a year; in late winters and early spring time before new buds start to grow.


How do I make my Bougainvillea bloom?

You should stay consistent in watering your bougainvillea and applying fertilizers when the growing season begins. Use high potassium quantity fertilizer like a hibiscus fertilizer and try to avoid nitrogen rich fertilizer.

When or How to Fertilize Bougainvillea?

The best time starts from early spring to the summer months. The growing season is the best time to use fertilizers on bougainvillea. Add the fertilizer in a limited amount, not more than one tablespoon mixed in 1 gallon of water, then keep the water level high in soil for the best working of fertilizer.

Final Verdict

Keeping your garden happy and healthy is never an easy task as flowering plants always require intensive care and scheduled watering to keep it colorful. Bougainvillea are famous plants to grow and give a soothing and refreshing look for your eye but the heavy feeders require specific nutrients to grow.

Organic fertilizers are best to grow bougainvillea with heavy blossoms and best growth of your plants. The plant care requires high macronutrient content that can best improve the soil conditions when preparing the ground for planting bougainvillea. The best fertilizers have been discussed in this article and you can choose the most appropriate according to the soil needs of your garden.

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