There are two ways to upload your imagery to FarmLens:


1) Direct Upload

Format, geotag and zip the image set yourself an use the ‘Upload’ button on the FarmLens home page. Your upload must comply with the following specifications:

• All images must be geotagged.

• All images and any associated files must be compressed in a single folder to create either a ZIP or RAR archive.  You’ll upload the ZIP or RAR archive as a single file to the FarmLens.



2) FarmLens Uploader

The quickest and easiest way to upload to FarmLens. Use the FarmLens desktop client, FarmLens Uploader, to automatically format, geotag, and upload your image set. Only compatible with drones using a 3D Robotics flight controller.

Click here for the latest FarmLens Uploader Instructions.