Turn-key System

Agribotix: Your partner for aerial scouting success

If you're an agronomist, crop consultant, or grower that wants to expand your product offerings to include information from drones, contact us at Agribotix.

Agribotix offers the Turn-key System bundled with a collection of analytic services that can be used (where regulations allow) to quickly add new product offerings and agricultural intelligence to your business:

  • Management Zone Maps for Field Prescriptions
  • Vegetation Health and Condition Maps
  • Whole-field True Color Imaging: Crop Scouting from Above

The Agribotix Turn-key System includes either the Agribotix Hornet agricultural drone system, or the Agribotix Enduro Quad.  Either system can be easily coupled with Agribotix Image Processing Services, an online data processing engine that will help you get answers from your imagery and ensure the success of your aerial crop scouting business.

Check out our affordable pricing plans for the Agribotix Turn-key System HERE.  With any purchased Agribotix drone system, you can purchase 10,000 acres of processing for $1,000.     

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