Enduro Quad Flight & Hardware Specifications


Enduro Quad Hardware Specs


  • Quad Copter Aircraft  - Includes: 3D Robotics autopilot for autonomous, takeoff, flight and landing, dual radios (telemetry and controller), commercial quality servos, wiring and motor
  • 8 Batteries  (4,000 mAh,22.2v)
  • Professional grade charger (charges 4 batteries at once)
  • Tools and spares kit
  • RC transmitter with rechargeable battery

Imaging System

  • Go-Pro Hero 3+ camera upgraded with a high quality non-distorting lens and NIR filter\
  • Optional RGB camera - $425
  • Two camera bay option available

Ground Control Station

  • Ground control station tablet
  • GUI-based software for flight planning as well as in flight monitoring
  • Telemetry radio
  • Agribotix Field Extractor software – selects, prepares, and uploads images captured by the Enduro Quad, and uploads to Agribotix Data Services 


  • Custom developed training manual and checklist
  • Two hours of live video-conference or telephone consultation to quickly get up and running
  • On site training available at an additional cost

Agribotix Cloud Data Processing Solution (additional cost may apply)

  • Full color field map (KMZ format)
  • Field Health Map (NDVI)
  • Agribotix Management Zone MapTM
  • File formats: Google Earth (KMZ), Geotiff and Shapefile compatible with farm data management software (e.g. SMS, SST)
  • Typical turnaround 4 hours during business hours
  • Custom analytics available on request 


  • 90 days parts and materials
  • Phone and e-mail support
  • Optional 12 month extended warranty – Provides a no questions asked hot swap (incident fee may apply)



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