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The Penguin is built around a durable, commercially available EPO airframe outfitted with advanced avionics, an autopilot-ready flight controller, a telemetry transceiver, and a NDVI-enabled Canon S100 camera. This platform satisfies the majority of our customers needs when coupled with our advanced image analysis, but our shop is prepared to deliver custom orders.

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Sky Hunter

The Sky Hunter is a larger airframe capable of carrying a gimbal-mounted camera appropriate for advanced or specialized imaging applications. The Sky Hunter carries the same advanced avionics found in the Penguin, but offering significantly more payload flexibility. Due to the high level of customization our customers usually demand with the Sky Hunter, we are not able to offer standard pricing so please call or email with your intended application.

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The ELEV8 HL quadcopter expands our aerial imaging capabilities into the rotary wing space giving our customers flexibility to image from a fixed point in space. Applications for the ELEV8 range from the simple, imaging fire mitigation work, to the exotic, dropping nets on to Mongolian vultures for zoological research. Due to the complex nature of quadcopter projects, we are not able to offer standard pricing, but please call or email for more information.