Image Processing Services 

Agribotix is currently providing an introductory 1/2 price discount on basic processing, and including our False Color Crop Health Maps and Management Zone Maps at no additional charge. 

Try our service by entering the "First-Field-Free" discount code at checkout and receive your first field for free.

Basic Image Stitching for RGB and
Color Infrared Images

This service stitches and geo-references a series of still images, generating a single orthomosaic. The result is available in .kmz, .geotif, and .jpg formats. 

Introductory price: $0.21/acre (Normally $0.43/acre)

False Color Crop Health Map

With the availability of a near infrared channel, image data can be converted into Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) or Difference Vegetation Index (DVI) maps that correspond with relative vegetation health & condition in the field.  The result is an extremely useful diagnostic tool to show the areas of the field that might need additional attention. The result is available as a .kmz, .geotif, and .jpg. 

Introductory price: complimentary (Normally $0.03/acre additional)

Management Zone Maps for Variable Rate Application

From near infrared and RGB imagery, Agribotix generates a gridded management zone map in vector file (SHP) format, tailored to your variable rate application, and compatible with your precision agriculture software.

Introductory price: complimentary (Normally $1.22/acre additional)

Archival Cloud Hosting 

One year of storage is included in the price above.  Afterwards, for a nominal fee you can have your imagery stored on the Agribotix servers, allowing easy access and data sharing between co-ops, consultants, and growers. The first year of storage is included with your Agribotix image processing contract.


Custom Image Processing

Please Connect with Agribotix and describe your needs. We will come back within one business day with a quote.

How Will I Be Charged for Image Processing?

After your imagery has been processed, we ensure that your results pass the rigorous Agribotix quality assurance (QA) process.  If your imagery passes QA, we'll notify that results are ready for download, and offer completed products for sale via PayPal.  If your imagery doesn't pass the Agribotix QA process, we'll offer your results for download free-of-charge and provide pointers that will help you produce quality results in the future.  If you are ever unsatisfied with results you have purchased, please contact us and we will make it right or provide a refund.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with Agribotix image processing services.  

Full Service Aerial Surveying

In certain locations (CO, MO, IA, IL) the Agribotix Team will send a technician to your field four times a season to provide color and vegetation index georeferenced maps and in-season top-dress recommendations based on ground agronomic assessments, biophysical models of plant development, and UAV or drone imagery.


Agribotix Color Infrared

Agribotix Color Infrared

Agribotix False Color Vegetation Index

Agribotix False Color Vegetation Index

Agribotix Management Zone Map

Agribotix Management Zone Map