10 Best Companion Plants to Plant with Tomatoes

best plants to Plant with Tomatoes

Welcome, fellow garden enthusiasts! If you’re as tomato-obsessed as we are, you’re in for a juicy treat. Let’s dive into the fabulous world of companion planting and discover the best plants to plant with tomatoes.

Not only do these tomato companion plants make your garden look like a verdant paradise, but they also work wonders for your tomato plants. From deterring pesky pests to attracting beneficial insects, these green buddies are the ultimate sidekicks for your beloved tomato plant.

So, grab your gardening gloves and let’s uncover the secrets to creating a thriving garden with the best tomato companion plants. Get ready for some serious garden magic!

Best Plants to Plant with Tomatoes

Here are some feasible plants you can plant with tomatoes:

1. Sage

companion plant for tomatoes

Sage is like the superhero of the garden world! Not only does it boost growth and keep pesky pests at bay, but it also attracts beneficial insects like butterflies and bees. Talk about multitasking! Plus, there’s a whole lineup of sage companion plants to choose from. When it comes to companion plants for tomatoes, sage is a true superstar.

It keeps those pesky flea beetles and spider mites away, protecting your tomato roots and making your vegetable garden flourish. And let’s not forget, sage is also great at repelling those dreaded tomato hornworms. If you’re looking for some great companion plants, look no further than sage!

2. Lettuce

what to plant near tomatoes

Tomatoes and lettuce are the ultimate garden BFFs! They both thrive in moist, rich compost, and lettuces love basking in the light shade cast by your towering tomato plants. For the perfect setup, find the sunniest, most sheltered spot in your garden.

Plant your tomatoes about 20cm apart, giving each one a sturdy cane for support. Then, fill in around those tomato roots with lettuce plugs. Remember, regular watering is key to keeping this dynamic duo happy. These leafy greens are among the best tomato companion plants, making them a star combo in any list of companion plants for tomatoes. Plus, they help attract beneficial insects to keep your garden buzzing with life!

3. Chives

what to grow with tomatoes

Chive plants aren’t just tasty additions to your garden – they’re also pest-fighting heroes! 🌿🦸‍♂️ These members of the allium family can repel aphids, spider mites, and root knot nematodes with their strong, onion-like fragrance, making them a great companion plant for your tomatoes.

By emitting this powerful scent, chives act like a natural trap crop, keeping those pesky pests away from your precious tomato plants. Plus, they can even attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, and invite beneficial parasitic wasps to your garden. When you plant tomatoes, consider adding some chives to the mix – they’re the ultimate garden protectors!

4. Garlic

what can you plant with tomatoes

Tomatoes and garlic are a match made in garden heaven! Garlic is a superstar at deterring spider mites, one of the common pests of tomato plants. These two make such great companion plants! Just remember to mind the spacing so your tomatoes don’t overshadow the garlic.When you’re growing tomatoes, plant them behind or on the north side of your garden, and position the garlic towards the south. This way, both plants get their time in the sun.

Garlic acts as a natural ground cover, adding extra protection against those pesky southern green stink bugs. Together, they truly are some of the best companion plants!

5. Basil

companion planting tomatoes

Growing basil alongside your tomatoes might just give you a bumper crop!

Not only does basil improve the flavor of tomatoes, but this dynamic duo also keeps harmful insects at bay. The sweet taste of a freshly cut tomato slice perfectly complements basil’s balanced flavor with a hint of pepper. When you’re growing companion plants, basil and tomatoes are a winning combo.

Basil acts as a living mulch, helping to deter pests like the pesky asparagus beetle, and its fragrant flowers attract pollinators. Plus, basil’s presence can help certain plants thrive by warding off those bothersome bugs that tomatoes produce solanine to repel. So, plant them together for a garden that’s both delicious and pest-free.

6. Mint

what can i plant with tomatoes

Mint is like the secret agent of the garden! This perennial herb helps mask the scent of your tomato plants from insect pests, so they can’t find them and enjoy a free meal. By planting mint, you can repel spider mites and aphids, making it an excellent companion plant for your tomatoes. Not only does it deter these pests and other pests, but mint also works its magic to improve the flavor of your tomatoes, ensuring your tomato growth is top-notch.

Add mint to your tomato transplants for a more productive garden where your tomatoes truly thrive.

7. Asparagus

what grows well with tomatoes

Asparagus is a social butterfly in the garden, but tomatoes are its best friends!

These two plants are the ultimate dream team. Tomatoes emit solanine,which works wonders for repelling pests like asparagus beetles. In return, asparagus releases a chemical that scares off soil nematodes.

Talk about a win-win! Planting these right companion plants together in your garden space not only helps with attracting pollinators, but also keeps the same pests at bay. Both thrive in well-drained soil, making them the perfect duo.

Tomatoes have a strong scent that can trap flea beetles, and asparagus helps prevent early blight. Together, they create a harmonious garden where these two plants look out for each other!

8. Marigolds

what grows well with tomatoes

Marigolds are like the party planners of your garden!

They help attract bees and beneficial pollinators to your tomato plants, boosting their fruit production. While tomato plants are self-pollinating, a little extra help from insects can make a big difference. Marigolds also lure in beneficial insects that eat aphids and other pests that could harm your tomatoes.

Effective Garden Planting Tips

Marigolds act as a natural fungicide, helping to protect your plants from fungal diseases. When planted as a cover crop, they enhance nutrient uptake for your tomatoes. With their cheerful blooms and peppery flavor, marigolds are the perfect garden companions, even making friends with black-eyed peas!

9. Borage

companion plants for tomatoes

Borage is the ultimate garden buddy for your tomatoes! This fabulous companion plant not only attracts bees and other beneficial pollinators to your garden, but also helps improve tomato growth and disease resistance. Borage’s superpowers don’t stop there; it may even enhance the flavor of your tomatoes. By planting borage near your tomatoes, you can reduce pests like hornworm eggs and boost your garden’s overall health with its trace minerals.

And don’t forget, borage pairs perfectly with growing marigolds, ensuring a garden that’s thriving and buzzing with life, without attracting aphids. Perfect for those heavy feeders!

10. Carrots

tomato companion plants

Tomatoes and carrots make fantastic companion plants, offering each other plenty of benefits. Tomatoes provide shade for the carrots, while the carrots help keep the soil loose and airy. Just be mindful of the timing when you’ve got them planted together, ensuring they grow during their ideal seasons. Sprinkle in some herbs like basil or dill to make your garden even more delightful. And as always, keep an eye out for potential pests and diseases.

Together, tomatoes and carrots create a harmonious garden environment, keeping the soil healthy and fending off aphids.


There you have it, fellow garden enthusiasts – the best companion plants for tomatoes to transform your garden into a flourishing paradise! With the right companion plants, your tomato plants will thrive, repel pests, and attract pollinators like never before. From basil’s pest-deterring abilities to marigolds’ cheerful blooms, these companions not only enhance the growth and flavor of your tomatoes but also contribute to a healthy, productive garden.

Get those tomato flowers blooming, and enjoy the magic of companion planting. Here’s to a garden full of vibrant vegetable gardens, buzzing bees, and bountiful harvests!

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