7 Best Large Indoor Plants for Easy Care

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Welcome to the grand world of large indoor plants, where size does matter and bigger truly is better! Whether you’re aiming to transform your living room into a lush jungle or just want to add a touch of nature’s majesty to your indoor space, you’re in the right place. From the stunning Swiss Cheese Plant, with its uniquely holey leaves, to the towering delights that thrive in everything from low light corners to spots basked in bright indirect light, we’ve got the scoop on how to make your home feel both grander and more alive.

Large house plants aren’t just decor; they’re full of benefits. They thrive under various lighting conditions, be it the soft glow of low light or the brilliance of bright light, making them versatile companions in your quest for greener, more vibrant living spaces. So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s dig into the world of giant greens that promise to transform your interiors with their leafy charm!

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Best Large Indoor Plants

1. Bird of Paradise

big plants for living room

Step right up and meet the show-stopping Bird of Paradise, the crown jewel of large indoor plants! Towering up to six feet tall, this botanical superstar is more like a living sculpture than your average houseplant. With its broad, glossy leaves that fan out like feathers in a regal display, the Bird of Paradise doesn’t just fill a corner—it transforms it.

Whether it’s stretching toward the ceiling in a sun-drenched room or adding an exotic touch to a bright space, this plant brings a touch of the wild indoors, making it an absolute must-have for anyone looking to elevate their indoor jungle game. So, if you’re ready to go big with your greenery, let the Bird of Paradise lead the way and turn your home into a tropical paradise with its stunning presence and vibrant vibe!

Care Tip: Water in bright light

2. Elephant Ear

large plants for indoors

Get ready to be wowed by the Elephant Ear plant, a true titan among indoor plants that’s perfect for adding a splash of drama to any room. This lush giant thrives even in low light conditions, making it as versatile as it is stunning.

With its massive, heart-shaped leaves that can wave like the ears of its namesake, the Elephant Ear plant turns your living space into a tropical oasis. Whether it’s sharing the spotlight with other green giants like the rubber plant and money tree, or standing solo in a cozy corner, this plant knows how to make an impact. Just keep its soil nicely moist and watch this leafy behemoth transform your indoor jungle into a lush, leafy paradise that’s big on style and even bigger on personality!

Care Tip: Plant them in full sun

3. Monstera

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Step into the wild side of indoor gardening with the Monstera, a must-have for any enthusiast looking to make a statement. Known for its striking leaves that could double as natural art, this behemoth can grow so large it might just need its own zip code! Monsteras aren’t just big on size; they’re also big on variety, with several types that bring a touch of the jungle right into your living room.

They require a bit of water but don’t go overboard—a touch is enough to keep those roots happy. If you’re looking to buy a plant that promises to stick around for the long haul and keep your indoor space feeling like a lush retreat, Monstera is your go-to green buddy. It’s a showstopper that keeps on giving, growing, and wowing!

Care Tip: Regular water

4. Janet Craig

tall houseplants

If you’re on the hunt for a tried-and-true green giant to jazz up your indoor jungle, say hello to Janet Craig! This popular powerhouse has been a top choice for plant lovers for years, thanks to its easy-going nature and impressive stature. Janet Craig isn’t just about good looks; it’s about endurance, thriving over time with just a smidge of care.

When it comes to watering, this leafy beauty likes her soil dry to the touch before getting a drink, making her ideal for those who might forget a watering or two. Choose Janet Craig, and you’re not just picking a plant; you’re adding a robust, resilient member to your green family that’s a lot of bang for your botanical buck!

Care Tip: Requires bright indirect light

5. Majesty Palm

best large indoor plants

This towering beauty loves to stretch its fronds towards the ceiling, making it a spectacular choice for anyone looking to add some vertical flair to their living space. The Majesty Palm isn’t just tall; it’s also delightfully low-maintenance.

It comes in several varieties, each with its own royal charm, and they all share a common decree: they require water to keep their lush leaves lush and green. So, if you’re ready to grow your indoor garden into a majestic green kingdom, the Majesty Palm is ready to rise to the occasion and become the crowning glory of your plant collection!

Care Tip: Dust the leaves and rotate the pot occasionally

6. Dieffenbachia

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Meet Dieffenbachia, the standout star of the large indoor plant world! Known affectionately as “Dumb Cane,” this leafy giant is anything but quiet when it comes to style. Perfect for beginners, Dieffenbachia dazzles with its patterned leaves that can grow so large they seem to be waving at you! It’s not just about good looks though; this plant is super easy to care for.

It comes in several varieties, each adding a unique touch to your indoor jungle. Just give it a sip of water when the soil feels dry to the touch, and watch it thrive. If you’re eager to green up your space without the fuss, Dieffenbachia is ready to shoot up and show off, making every corner a vibrant display of lush life!

Care Tip: Plant in bright light

7. Australian Umbrella Tree

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Say g’day to the Australian Umbrella Tree, the Down Under darling of large indoor plants! With its sassy, shiny leaves that fan out like a cool shade on a hot Aussie beach, this plant brings a touch of the outback right into your living room.

Not only does it rock a canopy-like vibe, but it’s also a cinch to care for—making it perfect for those who want lush greenery without the high maintenance. Just plop it in a spot with some indirect sunlight and watch it thrive. The Australian Umbrella Tree is all about adding that wow factor to your indoor space, so if you’re looking to turn your home into an exotic retreat, this plant is your ticket to the tropics!

Care Tip: Keep away from pests


And there you have it, the towering titans of the indoor plant world ready to transform your space into a verdant paradise! From the exotic allure of the Australian Umbrella Tree to the regal majesty of the Majesty Palm, each of these botanical giants brings its own unique style and vibe, proving that when it comes to indoor decor, bigger really is better.

So why settle for small when you can go large and turn your home into a breathtaking indoor jungle? Embrace these behemoths of the botanical world and let them elevate your living space to grand new heights. Here’s to living large and leafy! Cheers to your new giant green friends!

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