9 Indoor Plants for Small Pots for Tiny Spaces

Plants for Small Pots

Welcome to the lush little world of small potted wonders! If you’re hunting for the perfect green buddies to spruce up your cozy corners without taking up too much space, you’ve hit the jackpot. Whether you’re a sucker for the quirky airiness of air plants, the sturdy charm of jade plants, or just looking for indoor plants that thrive under the mellow glow of indirect light, we’ve got the lowdown on the best small plants that make a big impact.

From bright windowsills basking in bright indirect light to those slightly shadier spots, these pint-sized powerhouses are perfect for plant lovers aiming to green up their spaces with style and ease.

Selecting Indoor Plants for Small Pots

So grab your pots, and let’s get planting—small can indeed be mighty when it comes to indoor greenery!

Best Indoor Plants for Small Pots

Here are some of the best indoor plants for small pots:

1 Air Plant (Tillandsia)

plants that do well in small pots

Terrariums are the perfect stage for showcasing your charming air plants! These delightful glass homes come in an array of styles and sizes, tailored to complement any decor. For the petite Tillandsia varieties, opt for a snug, round terrarium that casts them in their best light.

And for those larger air plants, why not let them stretch out in pyramid or teardrop-shaped terrariums? Positioned in spots bathed in bright, indirect sunlight, these terrariums ensure your small plants get just the right amount of light without the harshness of direct beams, allowing them to thrive alongside your other indoor favorites. Let the sun gently kiss your botanical setup, making your air plants the stars of your green collection!

Pro Tip: Provide 4-6 hours of light a day

2. Baby’s Tears (Soleirolia Soleirolii)

small plants for small pots

Baby’s Tears, with its lush, delicate foliage, makes a stunning groundcover in terrariums or as an enchanting addition to larger bonsai arrangements. It’s also perfect for adding a touch of softness to mixed pots and hanging baskets.

No matter the size of your pot, Baby’s Tears will adapt and flourish—the larger the pot, the more room it has to spread its tiny, verdant leaves. Place it where it will receive bright, indirect light to truly thrive without the harshness of direct sunlight. This tiny plant not only complements other small indoor plants like the Chinese Money Plant but also creates a beautiful, dense mat of greenery, making any space feel like a miniature forest.

Pro Tip: Grow in high humidity

3. African Violet (Saintpaulia Ionantha)

plants for tiny pots

Ensure your pot is equipped with proper drainage holes to master the art of watering from below—a technique especially loved by African Violets. You might even consider splurging on specialized African Violet pots, featuring a chic terra cotta sleeve nestled in a handy water reservoir.

Just be sure to avoid leaving your plants soaking for more than an hour to prevent dreaded root rot. Positioned ideally in natural light or under gentle fluorescent light, your African Violets will thrive, keeping the soil just moist enough. This setting is perfect for cohabitating with other humidity-loving plants like Lucky Bamboo, ensuring all your green buddies grow healthy, happy, and not a foot too tall!

Pro Tip: Grow in shallow pots

4. Scotch Moss (Arenaria Verna)

best flowers for small pots

Opt for Irish or Scotch moss to bring stunning contrast to smaller pots or to craft a whimsical, lawn-like effect in miniature or fairy gardens. Scotch moss, with its vibrant chartreuse-yellow hue, offers a striking contrast against the darker greens of other plants, elevating the visual appealof any arrangement. Constructing a moss garden is a delightful and straightforward project.

Start by laying a foundation of crushed stone or gravel in a broad, shallow container to ensure good drainage and prevent excess water buildup. Next, add a layer of potting soil, and arrange the moss, stones, and other plants to your liking. This not only makes for a charming display but also meets the low maintenance requirements that make moss and similar plants popular houseplants, especially in varying light conditions.

Pro Tip: Mist regularly with water

5. String of Pearls (Curio Rowleyanus)

plants for small planters

Those delightful String of Pearls need just the right setup to thrive, especially when it comes to avoiding the dreaded root rot. For starters, ensure they’re planted in light, free-draining soil and housed in a pot equipped with excellent drainage holes.

Opt for a pot that snugly fits their modest root system—too spacious, and you risk the soil retaining moisture for too long, which could lead to the pearls sitting on damp soil and potentially rotting. Remember, these charming succulents have shallow roots and don’t require a deep pot. They’re perfect for brightening up small spaces with their dainty flowers and love a spot in the sun where they can stay small and splendid. So, keep things tight and bright, and your String of Pearls will flourish!

Pro Tip: Thrive on a combination of direct and indirect sunlight

6. Woolly Thyme (Thymus Pseudolanuginosus)

tiny plants for tiny pots

This charming creeping thyme is a fantastic companion for other garden plants, and it looks particularly striking when nestled in pots and containers. As a resilient herb, it boasts aromatic foliage that’s not only a treat for the nose but a delight for the eyes with its fuzzy grey/green leaves. Ideal for weaving a lush, low mat between stepping stones or alongside patio bricks, this thyme variant thrives with minimal watering and loves a sunny spot.

Its unusual roots and branches spread out to create a dense tapestry that transforms any space into a fragrant, verdant world. Just give it room to flourish, and this thyme will bring a touch of the aromatic lavender countryside right to your doorstep!

Pro Tip: Use pots with a good drainage system

Pot Care Essentials

7. Venus Flytrap (Dionaea Muscipula)

best plants for small pots

Venus Flytraps and sundews comfortably fit into a 3″ pot when they’re on the smaller side, but if you’re nurturing a larger or extra-large specimen, you’ll want to upgrade them to a 4″ or 6″ pot. Pitcher plants and butterworts also thrive in a 4″ pot, making them perfect for that colorful, quirky corner of your desk or as a captivating houseplant.

Remember, carnivorous plants are quite sensitive to the water they receive—always opt for rainwater or distilled water to avoid mineral burn. It’s common for beginners to worry when a Venus Flytrap loses a trap, but don’t fret—it’s a natural part of their growth cycle, especially as temperatures drop in winter. Just provide the right environment and watch these fascinating plants thrive!

Pro Tip: Keep the soil moist

8. Donkey’s Tail (Sedum Morganianum)

tiny plants for tiny pots

Donkey’s Tail thrives as a hanging indoor plant, perfectly suited for those with a knack for unique greenery but maybe a bit short on experience. Kickstart its growth by potting it in a commercial cactus mix or whip up your own well-draining concoction with equal parts perlite or pumice and potting soil.

For a lush, vibrant plant, top the soil with a nourishing layer of worm castings and compost each spring. This succulent adores bright, indirect light, so hang it where it can bask in just the right amount of sunshine without the harsh direct rays. Watch as it grows long and full, adding a cascade of green to your space!

Pro Tip: Grow them in sun

9. Purple Shamrock (Oxalis Triangularis)

small pot plants


Purple shamrock, a delightful addition to any houseplant collection, flourishes in a range of soil types, but it truly thrives when the soil boasts excellent drainage. To prevent its roots from rotting—a common mishap when moisture lingers too long—opt for a loamy or sandy mix. For those growing this charming plant in containers, a standard well-draining potting mix will do the trick.

Place your purple shamrock in a location that enjoys stable temperatures and indirect light, such as on a desk or a shelf, where it can enjoy a few hours of filtered sunshine daily. This setup not only promotes healthy growth but also brings a touch of prosperity and vibrant color to your indoor garden!

Pro Tip: Settle soil properly


There you have it, plant pals—the ultimate guide to the best indoor plants for small pots! Each of these great plants brings its own splash of charm and easy-care vibes to your home. Whether you’re looking to boost your desk’s green quotient with a quirky Venus Flytrap, create a low-light love affair with a lush Purple Shamrock, or enjoy the cascading beauty of a Donkey’s Tail, there’s a pint-sized plant perfect for your needs.

With the right pot, some proper care, and occasional watering, these green gems will thrive, turning any small space into a thriving garden sanctuary. So, start potting these best plants and watch your indoor garden flourish with minimal fuss and maximum joy!

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