9 Best Indoor Plants for Low Light

best plants for low light

Welcome to the lush world of low light indoor plants, where the lack of sunshine doesn’t mean a lack of greenery! Are you working with spaces that sunlight seems to forget? No worries! Plants like the ever-popular Spider Plant thrive under such conditions.

These superstars are perfect for adding a touch of nature to any dim corner, flourishing beautifully even in just bright indirect light. Whether you’re tucked away in a cozy apartment or just have that one shadowy room, our friendly guide to low light plants will help you find the perfect leafy companions that don’t just survive—they thrive! So let’s brighten up those darker spaces with some plant life magic!

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Best Indoor Plants for Low Light

1. Boston Fern

best plants for low light

Say hello to the delightful Boston fern, a porch-perfect plant that loves to bask in the gentle glow of cool morning sun! These lush beauties with their dark green leaves need a few hours of bright, filtered light each day to really thrive. But be cautious—direct afternoon sunlight is a no-no as it can scorch their delicate fronds. Instead, find a spot where they can enjoy indirect light, making them the ideal companion for a cozy nook or a shady porch corner.

As the seasons change, so do the needs of your tiny plant. During the fall and winter, Boston ferns still crave some light—fluorescent light can work wonders when the days grow shorter. If you’re a fan of zz plants, you’ll find Boston ferns equally enchanting, as both excel in similar light conditions.

So, whether it’s a zz plant or a Boston fern, let’s keep our green friends glowing with just the right amount of light!

2. Philodendron

Meet the Philodendron family, a charismatic clan of low-light lovers that really bring the drama to any dim corner! Among these, the Heart-Leaf Philodendron steals the show with its lush, solid green vines. Perfect for training up a wire pillar or spilling out of hanging baskets, this vining beauty thrives in the cozy comforts of your home.

For those in tropical climates, take your philodendrons outside where they dazzle in partial to full shade, showing off their intriguing leaf shapes and sizes. Remember, these leafy celebrities prefer to avoid the harsh direct sun, lounging instead in cooler spots for plant health. Indoors or out, these versatile performers maintain their star quality for up to four months at a time, making every season a show-stopping display of greenery!

3. Goldfish Plant

plants that do well in low light

Step right up and meet the charming Goldfish plant, a true spectacle in the plant world! This dazzling darling thrives in the spotlight of indirect light. Park it near a window where the sun doesn’t quite touch or jazz it up with a plant lamp to create the perfect stage. Known for its dislike of the limelight, keep it cool as a cucumber inside your home during the scorching summer months or any intense heat wave—this is where it really flourishes!

Though the Goldfish plant can handle a cameo of direct sunlight, limit this to a brief 2-3 hours daily to avoid an overdone performance. Too much direct sun and our star might just bow out early! Embrace these easy-going plant care tips, and watch your Goldfish plant thrive in virtually any lighting condition, bringing a bit of its native habitat charm right into your living room. Just keep that soil on the drier side, and you’ve got yourself a virtually indestructible green buddy!

4. Pothos

plants that need little light

Say hello to the ever-popular Golden Pothos, the long and lovely trailing plant that can jazz up any corner with its cascading greenery. Stretching up to 10 feet, this Southeast Asian native feels right at home in a variety of lighting conditions, from the dim corners to the bright spots. But remember, to keep its golden streaks shining, steer clear of the darkest shadows—Jade Pothos might be your go-to for those truly low-lit nooks.

When it comes to plant care, this low-maintenance buddy is pretty chill—just a splash of water once a week does the trick. Oh, and it’s totally cool with any level of humidity, making it a versatile pal for any room. Just make sure to shield it from direct sunlight, as those rays are too hot to handle and can scorch its lovely leaves. Whether nestled in dry soil or basking in indirect light, the Golden Pothos will thrive, bringing a bit of the jungle into your urban jungle!

5. Dieffenbachia

indoor low light plants

Meet Dieffenbachia, a dazzling diva of the indoor garden world, flaunting her variegated, expansive leaves that laugh in the face of low sunlight. This popular houseplant struts her stuff best when bathed in bright light during the winter months, but come the growing season, she’s not about that direct sunlight life—just enough glow to keep her thriving and vibrant.

Dieffenbachia is a champ in low-light spots, even under the buzz of fluorescent office lights, making it a good choice for sprucing up your workspace. Just remember, while she’s low maintenance, her growth pace slows down a bit in these conditions. Whether you’re tending to her by night or enjoying her lush presence by day, watering just right, and pairing her up with pals like Chamaedorea elegans, Dieffenbachia remains a stunning staple in any plant lover’s collection. So let her light up your indoor space with just a sprinkle of garden magic!

6. Cast Iron Plant

low light house plants

Meet the Cast Iron Plant, the tough-as-nails green guru that’s more than just a looker—it’s an air-cleaning powerhouse! This leafy warrior quietly takes on indoor pollutants, standing guard like its relative, the rubber plant. Perfect for those not-so-sunny spots, the Cast Iron Plant thrives in low light. Tuck it into a cozy, dim corner or a north-facing window and watch it work its magic.

Planning to go alfresco? Find a shady nook with indirect light where it can chill without the harsh sun fading its vibrant color. Remember, this plant is a breeze to care for, making it a fantastic choice for gardeners who have lots of love but maybe not lots of time. Just set it in the right place, give it a little TLC once a month, and the Cast Iron Plant will happily do its thing, keeping your air fresh and your space green!

7. Peace Lily

low light  plants

Peace lilies are the ultimate low-light champions, making them perfect for those shady spots or even that cubicle life under the fluorescent glow. If your desk or a corner of your home could use a touch of spring, consider adopting a peace lily.

These beauties don’t just bring greenery; they also thrive where sunlight shies away. However, if you notice your peace lily is holding back on those stunning flowers, it might be craving a bit more light.

Fear not, gardening enthusiasts! Simply shift its position to a spot bathed in bright, indirect light, and you’ll soon see those coveted blooms. Peace lilies soak up the moisture, so keep their soil lightly moist and dust off their broad, glossy stems and leaves to keep them looking fresh. With just a little light and love, your peace lily will flourish, turning any space into a serene, lush haven.

8. English Ivy

indoor plants

English ivy isn’t just your typical houseplant; it’s a decorator’s dream with its dazzling array of leaf colors and shapes!

Thriving in the chill of a cool, north-facing windowsill, this versatile vine can be sculpted into an assortment of topiary styles, making it a true artist’s muse. While English ivy can handle low to medium light, keep an eye on its vibrant variegation—without enough light, those lively colors might just go undercover, turning a uniform green.

To keep your ivy’s thick, colorful leaves in the spotlight, park it somewhere with plenty of light. This way, you’ll not only maintain its striking appearance but also enjoy a bit of greenery magic by your windows, brightening both your home and the day of any human who passes by. So let that English ivy cascade gracefully, turning any ordinary window into a lush, leafy masterpiece!

9. Peperomia

Peperomia plants are the cool kids on the plant block, loving a spot where the light is just right—not too dim, not too bright, but perfectly indirect. While they can strut their stuff in lower light, these peppy little plants prefer to steer clear of the harsh midday sun to avoid a sunburned leaf situation. If your Peperomia is chilling in a shadier area, just dial back on the watering to keep it thriving.

Best Indoor Plants for Low Light

To really let their foliage flourish, keep them away from the no-nos of plant life—direct sunlight, drafty windows, and toasty radiators. Peperomias aren’t big on blooms, but with the right temperature and a touch of warm, humid air, they might just surprise you with a flower or two. So, find them a cozy corner with steady, indirect light and watch these delightful houseplants bloom into their best selves!


From the easy elegance of the Peace Lily to the vibrant variegation of Dieffenbachia, each of these plants proves that thriving doesn’t require a spotlight. So why not transform those dim, forgotten corners into vibrant, green oases? Grab a pot, pick a plant, and start your shadowy garden adventure today.

Let these trusty green companions revitalize your space and spirit, proving once and for all that a little shade can indeed lead to a lot of shine! Here’s to happy planting and even happier plants flourishing in their cozy, new homes.

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