Data Services

Agribotix offers an industry first: Self service processing of imagery collected from agricultural drones. Whether you collect your images with an Agribotix Hornet or another platform, Agribotix offers industry-leading image processing services focused exclusively on precision agriculture.

Agribotix Field Software

Field Extractor

Agribotix provides a Windows desktop software tool, Field Extractor, that eases the workflow of moving imagery from drone to the cloud. Field Extractor automatically selects images from the camera storage card and uploads them to Agribotix servers for processing.  Check out this VIDEO on the use of the Field Extractor.  (Field Extractor currently supports imagery acquired on platforms using the 3DRobotics Pixhawk flight controller and Mission Planner software.)

Agribotix Farm Intelligence Portal

Cloud-based Image Stitching

Our cloud-based solution is optimized for speed and ease of use.  Your RGB and/or Near Infrared images are processed on the Agribotix cloud and merged into a single geo-referenced mosaic that can be viewed in Google Earth or in any program that supports GeoTiff format.    

Field Health Maps 

With the availability of a near infrared channel, image data can be converted into Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) or Difference Vegetation Index (DVI) maps that correspond with relative crop health & condition in the field.

Management Zone Maps for Variable Rate Application

Agribotix uses proprietary algorithms to convert near infrared imagery into variable rate management zone maps that are easily imported into common precision agriculture software packages like SMS, SST, and Soilmap. 

Custom Processing

If our standard offerings don't meet your needs, Agribotix can help with custom image processing applications.

Risk-free Processing

Agribotix is currently providing an introductory 1/2 price discount on basic processing, and including our False Color Crop Health Maps and Management Zone Maps for no additional charge.  The Agribotix image processing service is risk free: You only pay for results after processing is complete and you've confirmed that results are acceptable.  

Try our service by entering the "First-Field-Free" discount code at checkout, and receive your first field free of charge.