Access a turnkey agricultural fixed-wing drone and data processing solution with one year of unlimited FarmLens™ analytics for $11,900.

We’ve combined the rugged Agribotix Hornet fixed-wing drone, engineered for agriculture, with one year of FarmLens™ data processing services in an affordable, complete package. It’s easy to fly scouting missions with our Hornet fixed-wing platform. Simply create a mission plan, assemble the Hornet onsite and launch. The Hornet flies the mission and returns to land at the launch site in full autopilot mode; monitor your flight from the flight controller computer. Our robust Hornet drone is available in standard and long-range configurations. The Hornet LR has an additional on-board battery and a long-range radio, giving it twice the endurance and twice the coverage area of the standard model. Both configurations come bundled with everything you need.

Post-flight, upload your images to the included FarmLens™ data processing platform. Within a few business hours – usually overnight – we’ll stitch and process them, providing you with vivid, best-in-class images and analysis that you can use to support critical decisions in the field.

See the Specifications Page for additional details on the Hornet fixed-wing’s flight capabilities and hardware.