9 Best Fruits For Delicious Smoothies

Best Fruits For Smoothies

Hey smoothie lovers! Let’s explore the most delicious fruits to boost your blended drinks.

Whether you’re a smoothie bowl enthusiast or a sip-on-the-go kind of person, we’ve got the juiciest rundown on the best fruits to add to your blender. From the sweet splash of strawberries to the tropical tang of pineapple, we’ll guide you through the top fruits that make every blend berry delicious.

So grab your blender, your favorite fruits, and let’s whip up some smoothie magic together! Get ready to blend, sip, and enjoy your way to fruity bliss!

Best Fruits for Smoothies

Here are some fruits you need to stock up to make some really delicious smoothies:

1. Avocados

healthiest fruit for smoothies

Avocados are the secret ingredient for the creamiest smoothies around! Toss one into your favorite fruity blend or mix it with veggies for a silky-smooth treat that’s dairy-free and delicious. Not only do they make your smoothies taste rich and decadent, but they also pack a punch with nearly 20 vitamins and nutrients.

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Halve your avocado, ditch the pit, and scoop that green goodness into your blender. Pour in a cup of milk (any kind you fancy) and a tablespoon of honey for a touch of sweetness. Fancy a chill vibe? Throw in some ice cubes too! Now, blitz it all up until it’s oh-so-smooth. If it’s thicker than you like, just splash in a bit more milk until it’s just right. Give it a taste and tweak the sweetness, if needed.

There you go—smoothie magic in a glass!

2. Blueberries

healthiest fruits for smoothies

Blueberries are tiny superheroes loaded with Vitamin C, folate, and fiber that give you a big health boost! Plus, their potassium powers can even help keep your blood pressure in check. Toss them into a blender for a blueberry smoothie, and you’ve got one of the yummiest and healthiest treats around. It’s a delicious way to sip your way to good health!


Grab a cup of fresh or frozen blueberries, a banana for that perfect touch of natural sweetness and creamy texture, and a cup of your favorite milk. A 1/2 a cup of blueberries has merely 44 calories in it.

Toss them all into your blender, and if you’re using fresh berries and like your smoothie cold, throw in some ice cubes too. Blend it all up until smooth and creamy. If it’s a little thick, just splash in more milk until it’s just right for you. Taste it and add a drizzle of honey or maple syrup if you want it a bit sweeter. It’s a perfect, healthy pick-me-up!

3. Apples

good fruits for smoothies

Next time you whip up a smoothie, use an apple for an extra splash of fiber and natural sweetness! A giant apple contains merely 115 calories. Choose an apple that blends up easily to make your smoothie super smooth and packed with nutrients. It’s a simple way to add a healthy punch to your delicious drink!


Get your hands on a large apple, a banana, a cup of your favorite milk, and some ice cubes, and toss them all into your blender. Whizz everything up until it’s super smooth. If it’s a little thick, just pour in a bit more milk. For a cozy twist, sprinkle in a dash of cinnamon—it pairs perfectly with apple! Pour your creamy, dreamy apple smoothie into a glass and sip away.

4. Lemons & Limes

fruits to put in smoothies

Lemon and lime juice aren’t just zesty and refreshing—they’re also tiny superheroes when it comes to fighting germs! These citrus wonders are known for their antibacterial and antiviral powers, especially helpful for protecting the mucous membranes in your nose and throat when you’re feeling under the weather. Why not whip these into a smoothie? It’s super simple and a delicious way to sip your way to better health!


Lets blend up a zesty treat with this super simple lemon smoothie recipe! Just squeeze the juice of two large lemons and toss it into your blender with a banana for smoothness, a cup of Greek or plant-based yogurt for a protein kick, and a spoonful or two of honey or agave syrup for a touch of sweetness. Add a handful of ice cubes for that frosty chill. Want a little extra zing? Throw in some fresh mint leaves for a burst of freshness. Blend it all up until smooth and frothy. Pour into your favorite glass and sip away at this delightfully tangy smoothie, perfect for refreshing your day!

5. Kiwi

fruits good for smoothies

Kiwis are a total smoothie game-changer and way underrated! They mix wonderfully with tons of different fruits, and guess what? Prep is a breeze—you can toss the whole kiwi right into your blender, skin and all. So easy and so delicious! Give it a whirl and watch your smoothie turn into a zesty, fiber-packed treat!


Grab 2 ripe kiwis (peel them if you like it smooth or keep the skin on for extra fiber), put them in a blender with a banana for creaminess, a cup of fresh spinach for a green power-up (totally optional!), and a cup of your favorite juice—apple or orange works wonders. Don’t forget a handful of ice for that cool touch! Blitz everything until it’s super smooth. If it’s too thick, just splash in a bit more juice. Pour your bright and zesty kiwi smoothie into a glass and enjoy a refreshingly healthy treat that’s perfect any time of day. Cheers to a quick, tasty boost!

6. Pears

good fruit for smoothies

Kickstart your busy mornings with a deliciously healthy pear smoothie! It’s the perfect quick and easy breakfast solution. Pears blend beautifully with a variety of other fruits, creating a tasty mix that’s not only safe to drink but also packed with a diverse range of nutrients. Whether you toss in some bananas for creaminess, throw in a handful of berries for a burst of antioxidants, or add a splash of citrus for a zesty twist, you’re setting yourself up for a flavorful and nutritious start to the day.

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Chop up a ripe pear and toss it in the blender with a banana for creaminess, a cup of your favorite greens like spinach or kale for a nutrient kick, and a cup of milk. Throw in a handful of ice for that cool, refreshing finish. Blend it all until smooth and creamy. A delightful treat any time of day!

7. Raspberries

best fruits to put in a smoothie

Raspberries are true all-season superheroes! Not only do they help cool you down during those scorching summer days, but they also thrive in warm weather, making them plentiful throughout the season. No worries about finding them! Plus, if you’re whipping up a smoothie for a healthy breakfast, you can easily use frozen berries to pack in all that fruity goodness. Dive into the delicious world of raspberries, your perfect summer treat!


Grab 1 cup of fresh or frozen raspberries, a banana for that creamy texture, and a cup of Greek or plant-based yogurt to add a protein punch. Splash in some orange juice or almond milk to get the perfect consistency and toss in a few ice cubes if you like it extra chilly. Blitz it all together until it’s perfectly smooth. Need a bit sweeter? A drizzle of honey or agave syrup will do the trick. Pour your bright and tasty raspberry smoothie into a glass and sip away—it’s the perfect energizing treat to kickstart your day or refresh your afternoon!

8. Pineapples

what fruits are good for smoothies

Pineapple smoothies are not just super yummy, they’re also packed with goodies to boost your health and energy! Full of vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes, these tropical treats help strengthen your immune system, make your digestion smoother, and give you a big energy boost. So, blend up a pineapple smoothie and power up your day with a tasty and healthy kick!


Get your hands on a cup of fresh or frozen pineapple chunks, a banana to make it creamy, and a cup of coconut milk for that tropical twist. Pop all these yummy ingredients into your blender, toss in some ice for an extra cool sip, and blend until smooth and creamy. There you have it—a pineapple smoothie that’s like a mini vacation in a glass!

9. Strawberries

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A strawberry smoothie isn’t just delicious—it’s packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, plus it’s great for keeping you hydrated! Whether you go for frozen strawberries whole or pre-sliced, don’t worry; your blender can handle it. Just blend them up until they’re super smooth. Pre-sliced strawberries might blend a bit easier, but either way, you’ll end up with a creamy, dreamy treat. So, whip up a strawberry smoothie and enjoy a tasty, healthy boost any time of day!


Get some fresh or frozen strawberries, a creamy banana, and a cup of your favorite milk—dairy or plant-based works great. Pop them all into your blender, and if you like your smoothie cold, throw in some ice cubes too. Blend it all together until it’s super smooth. Dilute a little with milk or water if you find the consistency a bit thick!

Combinations for Smoothies

health benefits of fruit smoothies


From the creamy delights of avocados to the tropical zest of pineapples, we’ve covered all the fruity bases to ensure your blender is always buzzing with excitement.

Whether you’re blending up a storm for a healthy breakfast or a refreshing afternoon snack, these fruits are sure to keep your taste buds dancing and your body fueled. So, keep these recipes handy, stock up on these fruity superstars, and get ready to blend, sip, and revel in the delicious world of smoothies.

Happy blending

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