Christmas Comes Early: New Features in FarmLens

We at Agribotix pride ourselves on being the leaders in analyzing drone-derived data for agriculture. As drone technology revolutionizes the way farmers and crop consultants monitor their harvests, we continue to develop features driven by your requests that add value to our service. These innovations are always designed with the intention of enabling you to help your customers improve on their yields as well as making the data more streamlined and easy to understand.

FarmLens MapView

From listening to our customers and crop professionals, we have heard many requests for being able to view drone flight results in the web browser, without having to download entire files.  We’re happy to say this is now available though our new FarmLens map-based interface. Before, a user would have to download a large file of their entire field even if they only wanted to examine a particular area in high-resolution. Now, those in the field can simply navigate to a particular area without needing to download an entire massive file using FarmLens MapView. This helps users:

  • Ground truth results by quickly and easily pulling up their current location on their smart phones and walking directly out to a trouble area to diagnose the problem.
  • Pull up multiple flights to notice change over time as they fade through current and previous maps of their field.
  • Share results with colleagues quickly and easily by using the new 'share' feature within FarmLens MapView. 

User-Selectable Resolution

Some FarmLens users require their drone imagery products at higher resolution so that customers can see more detail in imagery (like being able to see individual crop rows or individual plants).

For FarmLens users with a Professional Subscription, imagery will be presented in FarmLens MapView, and be available for download, at the resolution selected by the user at the time of data upload.  Users can select between 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm or 1 m.  

For users with a Basic Subscription, imagery will be presented in FarmLens MapView at 30 cm resolution and products for download will only be available at 30 cm.

FarmLens White Label

To help you better market your ag-drone imaging services, Agribotix now offers white label functionality. It is your business and the maps you share with your customers should have your logo instead of ours. Crop consultants can now have their own custom interface for a more professional and branded feel when customers open drone imagery results that are shared with FarmLens.  Contact us for more information on setting up your own branded version of FarmLens.

New Product in Beta: Digital Surface Maps 

Digital Surface Models (DSMs) are useful on the farm for assessing landscape and field drainage, and have potential for advanced applications like crop height modeling.

Agribotix is currently testing DSMs as a new product in Beta Mode, and has made available the ability to generate DSMs to customers with Professional Subscriptions. If you see a use case for DSMs in your business and have a Pro Subscription, make sure to test DSM creation with your next flight. 

We hope your customers enjoy the latest round of added features as we continue to improve our services!