Quad prop safety: fuse link


We all know we should remove the props before we power up our multirotors on the bench, but how often are we in too much of a hurry to always do it?  There was a scary post on DIY Drones where a multirotor had an indoor flyaway.  In the discussion thread, ausdroid mentioned a great solution so we wanted to pass it along.  As shown in the photo, just insert a fuse between the battery and the copter while servicing your machine on the bench.  A 3A fuse worked fine for us.  That allows plenty of juice to run the flight controller, radios, etc, but if HAL decides to engage the motors the fuse will overrule him.  We tested it out and it works; the motors spun for a very short bit but never got up enough momentum to cause any damage.  We'll be shipping one of these with all our quad units from now on.  Tip of the hat to ausdroid.