10 Best Plants for Trellis to Transform Your Garden

best Plants for Trellis

Welcome to the world of trellises, where plants climb high and fragrant blooms cascade like floral waterfalls! If you’re itching to turn your garden into a vibrant vertical paradise, look no further than climbing plants.

These garden acrobats thrive in partial shade or full sun, twining their green leaves and flowering vines around your trellis to create a lush, tropical oasis. From the best climbing plants for dazzling summer colors to the tropical plant stars that transform your backyard, there’s a perfect plant ready to weave its magic.

Enhancing Garden Growth with Trellises

So hold your gloves and trellis, and let’s discover the best plants that will make your garden the talk of the neighborhood!

Best Plants for Trellis

Here are the most amazing plants for trellis you need to know about:

1. American Beauty Rose

best climbing plants for trellis

Meet the American Beauty Rose, a plant that’s a trellis superstar! This classic climber brings timeless charm to your garden with its gorgeous pink blooms and lush green leaves. It thrives in full sun, soaking up those rays to produce more blooms that will have you admiring its floral fireworks from late summer right into the cooler months.

As you sit back with sweet peas nearby and your small children playing on the lawn, this rose will fill the air with its irresistible fragrance, making it a wonderful addition to your outdoor haven. Even if your trellis offers part shade, this plant still shines like a natural beauty straight out of a Getty Images photoshoot, bringing your garden to life!

Care Tip: Plant in well-drained soils

2. Arctic Kiwi

climbing flowers for trellis

Meet the Arctic Kiwi, a plant that’ll add a dash of sweetness and charm to your trellis garden! This hardy vine is like a tropical getaway in your backyard, offering up pink and purple vines that love basking in the sun all summer long.

While English ivy might be considered invasive, this kiwi vine is a friendly climber that pairs well with Carolina jessamine for a fragrant bloom-filled paradise. With well-drained soil and ample sun, these vines will thrive, adding vibrant colors and a lush tropical vibe to your garden. You’ll adore how this kiwi delights you with a splash of color in your blooms while bringing your outdoor space to life!

Care Tip: Plant 10 to 15 feet apart

3. Bougainvillea

best plants for trellis

Bougainvillea is a showstopping tropical flower that can be found in dazzling shades like pink, red, orange, white, purple, and even yellow! Known for its vivid colors and long-lasting blooms, this flowering vine reaches new heights when planted on a trellis or pergola, growing up to 30 feet tall.

Bougainvillea produces clusters of bright, cheerful flowers that attract bees and other pollinators, adding a splash of springtime nature to your garden. Whether planted in pots or directly in the ground, it’s sure to brighten up your space with vibrant foliage and bold stems that thrive in moist soil. Give your garden a burst of joy and let these annuals grow to new heights!

Care Tip: Prefer infrequent deep watering

4. Chocolate Vine

climber plants

With its rapid growth, the chocolate vine is perfect for covering arbors, trellises, pergolas, and fences with lush, fragrant foliage. This bright perennial not only adds a splash of green but also produces edible seedpods that taste like tapioca pudding! If you want these delightful treats, be sure to plant more than one five-leaf akebia vine.

While they aren’t toxic to butterflies and other pollinators, they will reward you with a vibrant, fragrant display in sunlight or shade. Pair them with clematis or yellow blooms to create an enchanting trellis garden full of life!

Care Tip: Avoid excessive watering

5. Clematis 

flowering vines for trellis

Most clematis plants are eager climbers, reaching new heights with the right trellis or vertical support. Without it, they’ll stop their journey upward, so make sure to provide them with a sturdy climbing structure when planting these bright, perennial beauties.

Their lush foliage and vivid blooms produce a spectacular display, attracting butterflies and soaking up the sunlight. Pair them with yellow flowers or other colorful companions for a lively garden scene that will leave your trellises bursting with joy!

Care Tip: Plant in well-drained and rich soil

6. Climbing Hydrangea

trellis for plants

Climbing hydrangea vines can effortlessly scale tree trunks, trellises, arbors, and fences, adding their bright, perennial charm to your outdoor space.

These lush vines grow heavy over time, so make sure the support structure is sturdy enough to handle their vibrant climb. Be cautious about using anything that could rot or need repainting, like a clapboard house. Pair them with clematis for a beautiful bloom combination that will bring in the butterflies and soak up the sunlight. With proper support, your garden will be bursting with floral joy this spring!

Care Tip: Dig in some compost before planting

7. Moonflower

trellis plants

Moonflower vines are a breeze to grow in containers, as long as they’ve got something to climb on! Add a trellis or secure some twine to a nearby support, and watch these fragrant blooms thrive. Although they might not grow as large as their in-ground counterparts, these climbing plants will still deliver an impressive display of lush, white flowers.

Perfect for basking in full sun or partial shade, moonflower vines are the perfect way to elevate your garden’s charm with their delightful aroma and climbing prowess.

Care Tip: Give them at least six hours of direct sunlight

8. Star Jasmine

climbing plants for trellis

Trachelospermum jasminoides is a stellar evergreen climber that brings vibrant year-round interest to your garden. This beauty doesn’t just boast lush foliage, but also dazzles with pure white, wonderfully fragrant blooms during the summer.

Planted in well-drained soil with plenty of sun, it’s an enchanting addition that will infuse your garden with elegance and aroma, making it a top contender alongside classics like Carolina jessamine and English ivy.

Care Tip: Feed it a balanced fertilizer

9. Sweet Pea

trellis plants

A sweet pea obelisk, trellis, or even a simple fence is an ideal support for your sweet pea vines to climb. But when these delightful plants are small, they can be a bit mischievous and tricky, preferring to sprawl across the ground rather than reach for the sun.

To give them a helping hand, plant them in well-drained soil and guide them gently upwards towards those gorgeous blooms. With their pink and fragrant flowers, they’ll light up your garden all summer long, whether basking in full sun or lounging in partial shade. Just make sure your pets know they’re off-limits!

Care Tip: Tie in and allow them to grow up a vertical support

10. Mandevilla

trellis for climbing plants

Mandevilla is a tropical beauty with a twining habit that thrives with the right support. Whether it’s a trellis, pergola, obelisk, or arbor, this vibrant vining houseplant will happily climb to new heights.

The key to success is guiding those vining branches by gently tying them up to train them in the right direction. With its sweet, rosy petals and sandy soil preference, this plant will transform your landscape into a lush tropical paradise that suggests summer bliss all year round!

Care Tip: Spot where they get maximum sun


And there you have it—our fantastic lineup of the best plants for trellises that will have your garden reaching new heights! From the delicate pink blooms of the sweet pea to the lush, tropical charm of the Mandevilla, these vining marvels will twist and twine their way into your heart (and trellis). Each variety is unique in its growing habits, colors, and fragrant blooms, creating a botanical paradise that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Whether you’re cultivating the delicate clusters of grapes or preparing for fall with trumpet-shaped flowers, these vibrant climbers will produce a dazzling display of leaves and blooms. They thrive in sun or shade, proving once again that trellis gardening is a delightful example of nature’s ingenuity.

So go ahead, sow some seeds, and let your trellis become a lush, green country paradise that celebrates the joy of gardening. Just be sure to provide sturdy support because these plants will happily climb their way into your heart and garden!

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