10 Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets to Beautify Your Space

Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Welcome to the blooming world of hanging baskets, where the beauty dangles right above your head! If you’re looking to jazz up your porches, patios, or windows with some aerial splendor, hanging baskets are your new best friends.

These sky-bound gardens are perfect for showcasing an array of flowering plants that spill, trail, and blossom with vibrant colors. From the sun-loving petunias to the shade-thriving fuchsias, discover how hanging basket plants can transform your outdoor spaces into cascades of color and charm.

Hanging Basket Care Tips

Oh, and studies say they are great for the greenhouse effect as well.

Let’s dive into the best flowers that will make your hanging baskets a breathtaking sight all season long!

Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Here are some of the best flowers for hanging baskets:

1. Begonia (Begonia boliviensis)

best hanging flowers

Get ready to meet the fabulous begonias, the show-stoppers of the hanging planter world! If you’re looking for a burst of color that starts in early spring and dances through the seasons, they are your go-to blooms. These beauties are not only eye-catching but also tough cookies when it comes to handling the heat. They love lounging in full sun or partial shade, making them amazing for that sunny place on your porch.

And don’t let their delicate looks fool you; begonias are surprisingly drought tolerant, thriving on just a sip of water here and there. Just keep their soil moist and well-drained, and these vibrant flowers will keep your hanging baskets looking spectacular.

Tip to follow: Water at the base of the plants

2. Pelargonium (Pelargonium domesticum)

good flowers for hanging baskets

Swing into the season with Pelargoniums in your hanging baskets, where vibrant flower clusters steal the show. Known for their spirited blooms and easy-going nature, these plants are the life of the patio party. Pelargoniums, often starring in hanging gardens, are more than just pretty faces; they’re practical, too.

They detest having wet feet, so ensure their baskets drain excess water like a champ. Just give them a sunny spot, and these hardy flowers will churn out colorful blossoms that keep your outdoor space popping with color from spring through fall. Let Pelargoniums hang around, and they’ll turn any spot into an eye-catching floral display!

Tip to follow: Use a fertilizer for growth

3. Portulaca (Portulaca grandiflora)

flowers that hang

Let’s talk about Portulaca, the sun-loving showstopper for your large hanging baskets! Thriving in the brightest sunny spots, these flowers are the low-maintenance champions of the container garden world. Portulaca plants burst into vibrant blooms that open with the morning sun, bringing a daily dose of dazzle to your decor.

Not fans of soggy settings, these hardy little beauties demand baskets that whisk away excess water with ease. So, if you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your patio or balcony, hang up some Portulaca and watch these resilient plants flourish and flower all summer long!

Tip to follow: Give it 6 to 8 hours of sun

4. Petunia (Petunia x hybrida)

hanging baskets flowers

Kickstart your journey to hanging basket glory by picking the best plants! Dive into the world of trailing petunias, the stars of the show when it comes to creating overflowing, vibrant displays. Imagine your hanging baskets brimming with the cascading colors of Wave Petunias, renowned for their stunning spreads and floriferous flair.

Whether you’re aiming to dazzle with dynamic hanging basket decorations or seeking sensational flower arrangements, these petunias are your go-to for garden drama that spills over with style!

Tip to follow: Provide Adequate Sunlight

5. Fuchsia

hanging baskets flowers

Get ready to dazzle with fuchsias, the show-stoppers of the hanging basket world! Great for solo flights of fancy or mingling with other hot-loving, summer-blooming plants in mixed container gardens. When potting up your fuchsias, keep them cozy at the same soil level they were accustomed to in their nursery pots, then give them a good drink to settle in.

Opt for the trailing or cascading varieties of fuchsia, which boast gracefully weak stems that flop and branch out with abandon, amazing for tumbling over the edges of baskets. These fragrant beauties fill your outdoor spaces with dynamic color and texture, making your hanging baskets the envy of the neighborhood!

Tip to follow: Keep the soil moist

6. Million Bells (Calibrachoa; hybrid)

flowers that hang

Meet Calibrachoa, the garden’s little show-off that keeps the floral fireworks popping from summer straight through to frost. Often mistaken for its cousin, the petunia, this dynamo dazzles in hanging baskets and containers or spills over raised beds with a relentless parade of bell-shaped blooms. Dubbed ‘million bells’ or the ‘trailing petunia’, Calibrachoa comes in a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, ready to rock solo or mix it up with other plants for stunning combinations.

Not just a pretty face, these flowers are a hit with hummingbirds and thrive in a variety of weather conditions, asking only for a bit of humidity to keep their vibrant show going strong. So, if you’re looking to keep your garden lively and your feathered friends buzzing, Calibrachoa is your go-to for continuous color and charm!

Tip to follow: Plant in a well-draining soil

7. Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia maritima)

flowers that hang down

Sweet alyssum is a fan of the summer breeze, just like you! This charming plant thrives on good air circulation, which dances through its lush, dense foliage, keeping it healthy and happy.

It’s awesome for planting in hanging baskets or majestic upright containers, where it can bask in the flow of fresh air. With its delightful pink and purple blooms, sweet alyssum not only adds a splash of color but also attracts butterflies, turning your garden into a fluttering fairy tale. So, let the breezes sway those sweet blooms for a garden that’s as lively as it is lovely!

Tip to follow: Grow them in upright containers

8. Lotus Vine (Lotus berthelotii)

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Lotus maculatus, also charmingly known as parrot’s beak, is a show-stopper in containers or hanging baskets! It’s not just a pretty face either; this versatile stunner cascades elegantly over walls and rocks, making it a fantastic ground cover in areas that enjoy warm winters. Perfect for adding a burst of color to your summer garden, Lotus maculatus thrives in various weather conditions and loves to be part of stunning plant combinations.

Whether you’re looking to propagate new growth or explore different varieties, this delightful plant adapts beautifully, making it an essential addition to your garden as a trailing accent or border beauty. So let Lotus maculatus spill its vibrant charm.

Tip to follow: Grow in full sun

9. Lantana (Lantana camara)

flowers that hang down

Lantana is the tough cookie of the hanging basket world, thriving where other plants might wilt. Embracing the full blaze of the sun during the sizzling summer months, this robust plant sports dazzling clusters of flowers that can brighten up any large basket.

A true sun worshiper, Lantana loves hotter weather and bursts into bloom with an array of vibrant flowers, making it a top pick for gardeners looking to add a splash of color and resilience to their displays. Just give it a splash of water and watch it go; Lantana is your go-to for a low-maintenance, high-impact floral showpiece!

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Tip to follow: Ensure it gets enough sunlight and water

10. Lobelia (Lobelia erinus)

flowers for hanging baskets

Lobelia is the superstar of the hanging basket brigade, known for its stunning trailing habit that cascades gracefully over the edges of containers.

Whether you’re teaming it up with other vibrant basket plants or letting it fly solo, trailing Lobelia can transform any hanging display into an eye-catching spectacle. Especially suited for warmer climates, it keeps on blooming even as the temperatures rise. Just keep those blooms hydrated, and Lobelia will keep your outdoor area looking fresh and fabulous!

Tip to follow: Grow in cool, moist soil


Each plant we’ve explored brings its own unique flair to the table, turning any ordinary space into a spectacular bloom bonanza. From the sun-seeking sweetness of Sweet Alyssum to the resilient charm of the robust Lantana, there’s a hanging basket flower for every spot and every style.

To enhance your hanging baskets, consider incorporating trailing plants that cascade beautifully over the sides. Sweet potato vine, with its lush foliage, makes an excellent companion to vibrant flower clusters that add a pop of color. These hanging plants are perfect as classic bedding plants, offering a dynamic visual appeal to any outdoor space. The mix of textures and colors can turn any basket into a stunning focal point.

So why not let your garden hang out with the best of them? Grab those baskets, pick your floral favorites, and start creating your very own hanging garden of Eden. After all, when it comes to gardening, the sky—or rather, the porch ceiling—is the limit!

Let’s keep those baskets overflowing with beauty and turn every nook and cranny into a celebration of nature’s most spectacular showstoppers. Happy planting, and here’s to your hanging gardens, where the flowers are always just a breeze away!

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