Agribotix Labs Provides Support for Non-Profit and University UAV Research

Agribotix is dedicated to not only increasing profits in agriculture, but also to educating the public on responsible drone use and partnering with academic and non-profit organizations capable of leveraging our drone technology.

Agribotix was founded after fortuitous collaboration with the the Denver Zoo involving the construction of a quadcopter for wildlife observation in Mongolia. The banner image shows Agribotix co-founders Tom and Daniel McKinnon along with the Denver Zoo team in front of the yurt they called home during the mission. Subsequent outreach projects have ranged from mapping glaciers with Professor Brian Anderson of University of Wellington in New Zealand to developing a fixed wing airframe enabling the Denver Zoo to survey Argali Sheep to educating elementary school students about unmanned aviation. Any non-profit or research organization interested in employing our drone technology should read what we can provide on our Services page and Connect with us and we will do our best to support your project.