Agribotix provides aerial remote sensing and image processing services for precision agriculture and other advanced applications. We are located in beautiful Boulder, CO at 2983 Sterling Court and can be reached from 8am-5pm by telephone at (720) 295 3625 or by email at .


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Turnkey UAV Services

Whether you decide to buy or lease your unmanned surveying aircraft, we provide an extensive training in the art and science of surveying for precision agriculture. Our custom-built aircraft exploit an intuitive hardware-software interface and robust autopilot system ensuring widespread accessibility.


High-Resolution Orthorectified Imaging

Once we are airborne, the drone aircraft flies a tight pattern over your field providing gigabytes of data for our image analysis team to digest. We use a combination of visible light and near infrared cameras to detect both the health and abundance of crops providing precise, spatially resolved information to direct herbicide and pesticide applications.


Patent-Pending Analysis

The image analysis team stitches the raw images into a single orthorectified topographic projection and applies our patent-pending signal transformation software to isolate stressed crops and weed-infested areas.