Drone Services for Precision Agriculture

Agribotix is a drone-enabled software company that provides advanced imaging and analysis for precision agriculture. Agribotix provides a turn-key solution: ultra-reliable aerial hardware coupled with leading cloud-based data analysis that results in affordable and timely images and maps of your fields. Customers rely on Agribotix to provide actionable intelligence that results in substantially reduced inputs, improved yield and increased profits. Products include prescription maps for in season fertilization, weed reports for geolocating resistant patches and estimating coverage, and a number of other specialized products. 

Agribotix Hornet Drone

The Agribotix engineering team developed the Hornet, a rugged, low-cost drone airframe purpose-built for operational use on the farm. The Hornet is based around a flying wing design that eliminates the hassles of assembling a traditional airframe in the field and, as an added bonus, stands up much better to use and abuse. Setup time from the back of the truck to the air above the field is 10 minutes, allowing you to easily integrate routine imaging into your existing workflow. 

The Agribotix Hornet, a fully autonomous flying wing drone, is easy to assemble and launch and ruggedized for operational agriculture.  The Hornet can survey a minimum of 160 acres in 20 minutes.

Agribotix Infrared and Thermal Sensors

The Agribotix Hornet carries true color (RGB), near infrared (NIR), or (coming soon) thermal cameras that collect images over fields of interest. At the standard flight altitude, Agribotix cameras can collect imagery with 3 cm ground resolution, providing a  detailed view of the entire field from above. Imagery collected by the infrared camera is used to measure relative vegetation health within-field, and provides the primary information used in the generation of fertilizer prescription maps.   Other applications include whole-field crop scouting, weed identification, and yield estimations. Check out the Precision Agriculture Blog to learn how some of our customers have been using these images.

Near infrared image of a corn field in southwestern Kansas created by the Agribotix Cloud system. 

The Agribotix cloud-based software solution turns drone imagery into actionable information like this variable rate management zone map.





Agribotix Image Processing Services

Agribotix developers have deployed an intuitive software solution to deliver easily viewable georeferenced aerial images immediately after your flight and high resolution color and NDVI maps of your farm within hours of collection. These images are hosted on the cloud for easy access from any device, either in the office, or on a mobile device in the field. Agribotix imagery and maps are provided in Google Earth or other standard GIS formats, allowing easy interoperability with precision ag software like SST, AgLeader SMS, and SoilMap. 

We'd love to work with you and provide products created from your aerial data. Contact us!  


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